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first came to me with your proposal.
By leaving Shiro's service, that
was a wise move on your part.
But it makes me wonder.
How could one truly trust a
man who has betrayed his master?
I have no master.
So I have betrayed no one.
So, tell me.
My Horses, they arrive tonight?
It's been 30 years.
All this time, my family has
lived in shame and dishonor.
All because of Shiro's treachery.
Tonight, I will take back
what was stolen from my family.
And everything will change from here on.
Shiro's men will protect his
treasure with their lives.
Are you certain... you can deliver them?
I said that I would.
These two are the Ti brothers.
They will give you everything you need.
I'll be in touch.
Watch him closely.
I beg your forgiveness.
The fault is not yours, but mine.
I left myself unguarded.
I trust you have news
from San Francisco.
Yes, everything is
proceeding as requested.
And the Horses?
We've shipped them out.
They will arrive in
San Francisco tonight.
You must return to San Francisco...
...in advance of my arrival.
But Father...
I don't trust our people there.
They have become too lazy to be useful.
I was hoping to stay here...
...and further my role in the clan.
Nothing in the history of our clan...
...has ever been more important.
I will not fail you.
Go now. Oversee the sale of the Horses.
Hey, what's up, dude?
I'd like to see Benny.
No Benny's here.
Hey what are you doing?
Yeah. Again!
Ouhhh... Hey baby.
We need to talk.
Gabrone i don't talk to feds.
Somewhere private. Now.
My guy is loosing anyway, so...
Hey i'm paying for this gig, come on
Business is good I see.
So much for homeland security, right?
So how is the family?
Danny is fine.
And Jen, that's another story.
I realy liked her, how
did you fuck that up?
Oh well it wasn't that hard.
Anyway. Thanks for the help.
You made me look good.
- I hope it helps.
The people I'm tracking they expect
the FBI pays me some visits like this.
Makes me look legit.
Is that in the interpol hand book?
Come on, John.
There is no science, to
catching crooks. You know that.
You said you had something for me?
- Yeah.
A friend over in Brussels, the guy
who makes those titanium bullets.
Found him two days ago.
Then I ran a check to see if
anyone associated with Rogue...
was having some bad luck.
Just last week.
A plastic surgeon down in panama.
Accidentally impaled himself with a
kitchen knife making a turkey sandiwch.
Week before that, another one of our scrapper
friend down in Florida went skinny dipping
Some gators. Guess he
didn't read the signs.
This guys, they both specialized
in facial reconstruction.
Both of them.
Our man is tying up loose ends.
Yeah. Well, there's another
surgeon who's unaccounted for.
I think he might be still
alive. Maybe hiding out.
You let me know the second
he surfaces. He's mine
Button up, this isn't a disco.
Is that our contact?
Yes... my contact.
Get rid of him.
He's my brother. He's with me.
Who the fuck this guy thinks he is?
Go back to the car.
Wu, please. He's an outsider.
- Go!
Don't make me say it again.
After this is done...
...you and I are going to talk.
The Horses are intact.
Shiro will be pleased.
We'll contact you when we get there.
Are the Horses safe with this crew?
Of course, as far as they know...
...they're just delivering cars.
Stay calm and cooperate.
It's just a routine check.
I need you out of the car. Both of you.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Officer, sir.
We're with Shiro Yamaga Enterprises
You're making a huge mistake.
We made arrangements.
- Out of the car!
Turn around.
We are licenced to carry
firearms. Call your captain.
Shut up.
- He can vouch for us.
Shut up.
Fucking rent-a-cops...
- I said shut up.
Captain Andrews? Did
you check the entrance?
What the fuck is going on?
I thought we made arrangements.
Just a

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