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the backroom.
We found him hiding underneath
one of the dead bodies.
He's in pretty bad shape.
Yeah. What's he been saying?
You can't right?
Who could understand all that shit?
These people come in to this country.
Think they'd at least
learn to speak American.
I think a couple of cops,
working in this district...
that close to Yakuza should
learn to speak a little Japanese.
If they weren't complete
fucking idiots...
Give me a minute, would you?
I'm a cop.
What happened here?
Know what I do when I'm not a cop?
I play doctor.
Hey! You can't do that!
If I don't get this shrapnel out...
It will get infected.
I got it.
No, it's a bone.
You want me to go back to my day job...
Give me something to do!
I want to die...
...before he comes back.
Well, I see it's gonna be a
real picnic working with you.
You ain't working with me.
It's the FBl's case now.
You wanna help? Take my
shoes to the cleaners.
So what did he say?
A bunch of Japanese mumbo-jumbo.
There're no spirits.
Those stories.
Hey, did i wake you? It's almost 9.
I was working late last night, so...
Well, I just called
to remind you that...
it's Daniel's first
basketball game this Friday.
You forgot, didn't you?
No. Just a bit tired.
- See you.
Got a little thing on my mind right now.
Yeah. So what's the time?
I found him, Jen.
Found who?
The guy who killed Tom.
He's back. I can feel it.
This time I'm taking him down.
John, it's been 3 years.
Look. You obsession with this
man has cost you our marriage.
Don't lose your son.
Tell Daniel I'll be there.
- No! You tell him.
If you say you're gonna
be there, then be there.
Those of you who didn't get to
meet last night, this is Agent Goi.
Just graduated Quantico.
What's his specs?
What's so funny?
In other words you're a spectator?
What are you?
- D.T
Defensive Tactics.
That's right. I like to
get up close and personal.
Yeah. Well, my gun's bigger than yours.
Pick a desk.
Sit, you get to work your ass's off.
Back there ho's.
These are all the
photos we have of Rogue.
The guy works up his
face every 6 months.
Come on, John.
Anybody can use titanium
shields and DU bullets.
Bullets found...
Bullets that we found last night
matches the ones we found 3 years ago.
Rogue's back.
Okay, if he works for the Yakuza...
Why would he kill Yakuza?
Maybe he switched sides. It
wouldn't be the first time.
Who're we talking about?
Shiro Yamaga.
He's all the Yakuza activity from Japan.
Probably the most powerful
man in San Fancisco...
and yet he has never set
foot on American soil.
That's the reason this
tesk force was put together.
The Chang is the other half.
Like Chio Chang he lives here.
Nice big mansion in Marin.
He think's he's
J.D.Rockefellow or something.
He's a 49, Tri-at boss
Into everything.
Bribery, extortion, murder, you name it.
30 years ago, Shiro
butcherd Chang's family.
He had the balls to fly to Hong Kong,
And wipe out the whole fucking clan.
He spent the next 30 years selling
every heirloom of Qing dynasty...
to collectors and museums.
All that's left now
is a couple of horses.
Statuettes, two of them. about this big.
Word on the street is that Shiro
was looking for a buyer as we speak.
Chain lost his honor.
That means more then his financial loss.
I don't care about the horses.
I don't care about bloodlines
or ancient family feuds.
The first time in 3 years, we
got a real shot of getting Rogue.
All we have to do, ladies and gentlemen.
Is pull the fucking trigger.
She's a very rare breed.
And delusion.
That's my wife, Maria.
In my father's days, such a union
would not have been possible.
But time's changed.
Those of us who change
with it... survive.
I am really impressed, Mr. Sho.
Now that you have spilled
the blood of my enemies.
Let's drink.
To our new partnership.
I have to admit it,
I was somewhat skeptical when you

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