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don't think I got it.
I didn't either.
Aline, why don't you go and see
what they're doing.
Still the same.
Heaven be praised.
My wife has told me everything.
Helen, my dear!
I'm so happy.
I loved your father so much.
You couldn't get a better wife.
God bless you, my children!
Princess, come here, quickly!
My child, God bless you.
Oh, take those off...
Now it's too late. It's done.
But I do love her.
The battle of Austerlitz was called
at the time
"The battle of the three Emperors".
The Emperors of Russia and Austria
were inspecting the allied armies.
What are we to do if Napoleon
takes the offensive?
It is unlikely.
Gentlemen, the dispositions for
tomorrow, or rather today,
for now it is after midnight,
simply can't be changed.
You know them,
and we shall do our duty.
And before the battle, the most
important thing is a good sleep.
Yes, tomorrow, tomorrow.
I have a feeling that tomorrow
for the first time
I shall have a chance
to show all I can do.
Mikhail Illarionovich, what do you
think of tomorrow's battle?
I think
that the battle will be lost.
I said so to Count Tolstoy, and
I asked him to tell the Czar.
I want glory.
I want to be known to men,
to be loved by people.
It's not my fault I want that
and live only for that.
Yes, for that alone!
I shall never tell anyone about
that. But what am I to do?
Death, wounds, the loss of my
family, nothing frightens me.
I'd give everything for a moment of
glory, for an instant of triumph,
for the love of men
I don't even know.
And what if there were nothing
left but to die?
Well, if I had to,
I should do that as well as anyone.
Your Excellency,
your orders have been executed.
What are they doing?
Good morning,
Your Excellency!
Why don't you begin,
Mikhail Illarionovich?
I'm waiting, Sire. Not all the
columns have had time to form up.
We're not at a parade,
Mikhail Illarionovich,
where they don't begin
until everyone's there.
That is exactly why I wait, Sire,
because it's not a parade
and we're not at Tsaritsyn Field.
However, if such is your command,
Your Majesty...
At five o'clock that afternoon,
the battle was irretrievably lost
on all fronts.
- The enemy's there.
- No!
That's it, men!
Hold it! Where are you going?
Are you wounded?
My real wound is over there.
Stop them!
Oh, Bolkonsky, what's going on?
Forward, boys!
How quiet it is. How peaceful
and yet how majestic.
It's so different from all
the charging and shouting we made.
How is it that I'd never noticed
this boundless sky before?
And how happy I am to have
found it at last!
Yes, all is vanity and deception,
except that boundless sky.
There is nothing, nothing,
except that.
But perhaps even this sky
does not exist,
perhaps there is nothing at all
but stillness and peace.
God be praised!
That's a beautiful death.
End of Part One
Denissov! We're home!
Candles! Tea! I didn't expect!
Nicky, my dear!
What about me?
Vassily Denissov.
Your son's friend.
I know, Nicky wrote about you.
Natasha, Vera, here's Denissov.
We are happy to meet you.
Oh, how good it is. Splendid!
Princess Maria!
I've just got news. He's not
a prisoner, nor is his body found.
Kutuzov writes me...
he was killed.
Father, don't turn away.
Let's weep together.
The scoundrels! The murderers!
They destroy the army,
the people. What for?
Go and tell Lisa.
Father, tell me
how it happened.
Go on.
Killed on the battlefield where
the best Russian men and Russian
glory were led to their death.
Go on, Princess Maria! Go and
tell Lisa. I'll be right with you.
Marie, let me have your hand.
There... Do you feel it?
It feels so strange.
And you know, Marie,
I'm going to love him so much.
What's the matter, Marie?
I just feel sad.
Feel sad about Andrei.
Have you got any news from him?
No. You know it's too early
to get any news.
But Father


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