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Left, left...
Left, left...
Left, left...
Close in!
Battalion, halt!
Down knapsacks!
God be with us!What is it? I don't move,
I fell, I'm killed.
There are people coming.
They will help me.
Who are these people?
They can't be the French.
O God, You who's in this sky,
forgive, save and protect me.
Are they coming to me?
To kill me?
Yes, they may kill me.
Me, who is loved by everyone?
It's impossible
that they would want to kill me!
Captain Tushin's battery had been
The troops assigned to cover it
had withdrawn.
The enemy could not conceive
that anyone would be so foolhardy
as to go on fighting
with four unprotected guns.
On the contrary, the French
supposed that it was here,
in the center, that the main Russian
forces were concentrated.
- Gentlemen, everyone fall back.
- Fall back everyone!
- What shall we fire, Captain?
- Nothing. A shell!
All right, my little old lady,
don't let me down!
What do you know! Firing again.
Captain Tushin! Captain!
Have you gone mad? Haven't you
been ordered twice to fall back?
I just... I...
Fall back! Everybody fall back!
Your Excellency!
Here are two trophies.
I've captured a French officer,
the whole company's a witness!
Very well.
Remember, Your Excellency,
I'm Dolokhov, reduced in rank!
I received a bayonet wound!
Stayed right up at the front!
Your Excellency!
Captain Tushin,
you've been ordered to fall back.
Well, goodbye.
Goodbye, my friend.
Goodbye, dear man.
Captain, for God's sake,
I've been contused in the arm.
For God's sake, I can't walk.
Give orders to put me on the cart.
Put him on.
Spread the coat, man.
Get on.
The thirty-five thousand men
of Kutuzov's army
were saved.
The next day the French army
did not renew its assault
and what was left of Bagration's
detachmentjoined Kutuzov's army.
- Does it hurt?
- Cut it out, for Christ's sake.
That's a lot of cripples
for one day's action.
Captain, you're wanted by
the general. He's in that house.
I thank you all, gentlemen.
How did it happen that the gun
was abandoned?
I don't know, Your Excellency.
I had no men,
Your Excellency.
You might have picked some up in
the column that was covering you.
Tushin did not say that
he had no covering troops,
although this was the absolute
He was afraid of getting
some other officer into trouble.
Your Excellency!
You sent me to Captain Tushin's
battery today.
I found two thirds of his men
and his horses knocked out,
two of his guns disabled,
and no covering troops at all.
And if Your Excellency will
permit me to give my opinion,
we owe today's success mainly
to the action of that battery
and the heroic endurance of
Captain Tushin and his company.
Captain Tushin, you can go.
Thank you very much, my friend.
You really saved me.
Thanks very much.
Yesterday at the meeting of
the Imperial Council,
our new governor-general,
Sergei Kuzmich,
was reading the Czar's rescript
from the army.
The rescript starts with the words:
"Sergei Kuzmich, I have been
hearing rumors on all sides..."
Poor Count, he managed to get
as far, that's all.
He never got any further
than "Sergei Kuzmich"?
No, not one iota further.
"Sergei Kuzmich"...
On all sides, "Sergei Kuzmich"...
Everything is going well.
He would try again
several times,
but as soon as he said "Sergei",
he would choke,
at "Kuzmich", he would sob,
and "on all sides"
would be drowned in tears.
Then he'd start again...
It's time I understood her,
and made up my mind
what she really is.
Was I mistaken before?
Or am I mistaken now?
No, she's not stupid.
She's beautiful.
Are you pleased with this evening?
This celebration of my name-day
was one of the most pleasant.
It's quite late, I...
Well, Helen?
"Sergei Kuzmich on all sides..."
Of course, it's a very brilliant
match, but happiness, my dear...
Marriages are made in heaven.
"Sergei Kuzmich..."
What's the point of that story?

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