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still up, sir?
Ah, Likhachev, isn't that your
The night before a big battle,
I don't sleep.
You wouldn't need any flint
for your pistol, would you?
No, thank you.
I brought along some flints.
Don't you want any?
Some people don't look ahead and
then they're sorry. I don't like it.
Yes, you're right.
Would you please sharpen my
saber? It's dull.
- Would you do that?
- Of course, why not?
- The men are all asleep?
- Some are. Some aren't, like us.
And the French boy, Vincent?
Vincenny? Oh, he's curled up
in the entrance.
Oh yes, I must be dreaming.
It's only in my ears.
All ready, your Lordship.
You'll be able to cut a Frenchman
in two with it.
One thing I beg of you, to obey me
and not to put yourself forward.
The signal!
Go around!
Wait for the infantry!
Wait? Hurrah!
- Done for!
- Killed!
My son! No, it's not true!
Natasha! It's not true!
Leave me alone, all of you!
It's not true! They killed him...
- Mama, darling...
- No, it can't be true.
Mama, darling, please...
No, no, no, it's not true...
Natasha, you love me?
I want you to tell me the truth.
Mama darling!
Napoleon had left his army
and was returning to Paris,
under a borrowed name
of Prince Vitzenski.
Soldiers, I will keep
all my promises.
I want you
to see your Emperor
surrounded by the grandeur
and splendor
that befit the sovereign of
the first nation in the world.
Soldiers, thanks to you, those who
had the insolent pretension
of shattering my crown,
are now beaten and annihilated,
exemplifying the truth of my motto:
"God gave it to me,
woe to whomever touches it!"
It's no longer our frontiers
which must be defended,
but the enemy states
which must be invaded.
Soldiers, by promising peace
to the French people,
I was your voice.
You conquered
the Rhine, Holland and Italy
and dictated peace beneath
the walls of an astonished Vienna.
Soldiers, you wish to return to
France only by the path of honor.
And we will return to our fatherland
through arches of triumph!
Soldiers, here is the battle
for which you've yearned.
Henceforth victory depends on you.
It will give you abundance and
a prompt return to your fatherland.
Behave as you did
at Austerlitz,
Vitebsk, Smolensk,
and may your descendants
say with pride of each of you:
"He was in that great battle
beneath the walls of Moscow!"
Happy the people who,
in the moment of trial,
asks no questions how others would
act by the rules in such cases,
but with ease picks up the first
cudgel that comes handy
and deals blows with it
till, in its heart,
resentment and revenge give way
to a felling of compassion.
He says he's Captain Ramball's
- We ought to make him warm.
- Take the officer to the house.
Oh, my kind friends!
These are good men!
My kind friends.
Come on, drink up.
Teach it me. I'll catch it
in no time.
They're human too.
Even the weeds have their roots.
Oh, God! I never saw so many stars!
That means a good harvest
this year.
Bow its head. Lower!
There we are. Hurrah, my friends!
I want to thank all of you
for your hard and loyal service.
Our victory is complete.
Russia will remember you.
Your glory shall live for all time.
And now, brothers,
I know it's hard for you.
But there's no help for it! Be
patient, it won't last much longer.
We will see our visitors off,
and then we will rest.
It's hard for you, but still you
are at home, while they...
You see what they have come to?
Worse than the lowest beggars.
While they were strong,
we did not spare ourselves,
but now we can even spare them.
They too are men. Right, fellows?
But after all is said and done,
who asked them to come here?
It serves them right.
To have their mugs in shit!
It was only now that Pierre
understood, not with his intellect,
but with his entire being,
with his life,
that man was created for happiness.
He looked joyfully about him
at life,
eternally changing,

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