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boy was barely twenty.
Sins, sins... Where there's law,
injustice will follow.
Have you been here long?
It was Sunday they took me
out of the hospital in Moscow.
My name's Platon,
surname's Karatayev.
In the regiment they called me
"the little hawk".
Aren't you miserable here?
Miserable, to be sure.
Moscow, she's the mother of cities.
One must be miserable to see it.
Well, though it's the worm that
gnaws the cabbage, it's first to die.
What was that you said?
I say it's not by our wit,
but as God thinks fit.
Oh, I think you must be getting
sleepy, eh?
Why, the little hussy,
you're warm, child of the bitch!
Lord, lay me down like a stone
and raise me up like new bread.
Prince Andrei not only knew
that he was going to die,
but he felt
that he was dying,
that he was already half dead.
It was the last moral struggle
between life and death,
in which death gained the victory.
Without anguish, he was awaiting
what was yet to come,
that grim, eternal, unknown
and remote something.
You're not asleep?
I have been looking at you
a long while.
I love you far too much.
More than anything else
in the world.
And I? Why too much?
Why too much?
Tell me, what do you feel,
deep in your heart?
Within your soul?
- Am I going to live?
- Yes, I'm sure!
It would have been so good.
You haven't slept at all.
Please, try to get some rest.
Yes, that was death.
I died. I woke up.
Yes, death is awakening.
How did you get here?
And you brought Nikolushka?
Are you crying for Nikolushka?
You mustn't cry here.
I'd be cursed by posterity
if I were regarded
as the first instigator
of any sort of settlement.
The people of my country
feel that way.
He was making peace overtures, but
either he received negative answers,
or received no answer at all.
With every fiber of his being,
Kutuzov sensed
that the staggering blow dealt
the enemy at Borodino,
into which he and the entire Russian
people had put their whole strength,
must have been a mortal blow.
But still proofs were needed.
From Alexei Petrovich Dokhturov.
Come closer.
What news have you brought me?
Napoleon has left Moscow, has he?
Is it truly so?
Napoleon has left Moscow,
Your Highness.
His advance troops are already
in Fominskoye.
Lord, my Creator!
Thou hast heard our prayer!
Russia is saved.
There you are. Where's Platon?
They began to look. Where's
that little old man
who has been suffering in vain?
But God had already forgiven him.
He was dead.
That is life!
That is how it is with Karatayev;
he is absorbed and has disappeared.
How simple it is and how clear.
How was it I didn't know it before?
Life is everything.
That soldier wouldn't let me pass.
They have taken me, shut me up.
They keep me prisoner.
Who, me? Me!
My immortal soul!
And all that is mine!
It's all within me!
I am all that!
From the general. I'm sorry.
It isn't quite dry yet.
But who is this? A prisoner?
May I speak to him?
Rostov! Petya! Why didn't you
say who you were?
Is it all right if I stay a day
or so?
I was told to find out things.
That way I will find out.
But let me go into
the thick of things.
- I want to go...
...to the thick of things.
Won't you put me in command
for once?
Why, what would it be to you?
- You want a knife?
- Mighty good knife.
Keep it.
I have many like it.
Oh, I almost forgot...
I have some capital raisins with me,
seedless raisins.
I bought ten pounds.
I'm used to sweet things.
Gentlemen, help yourselves.
Don't you need a coffee pot?
I got one from our canteen-keeper.
He has nice things for sale.
And he's very honest.
I'll surely send it to you.
Might I call that boy
who was taken prisoner?
Perhaps we'll give him something
to eat?
Yes, I really pity the lad.
Fetch him!
- I'll call him.
- Vincent's his name.
Ah, how jolly it is! How splendid!
A Rostov! Blood will always tell.
Well, Karabakh, we'll see some
action tomorrow.
Why are you

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