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very shrewd fellow.
I've known him for years.
He's coming!
With such fine men,
why should we keep retreating?
Good morning, Prince. How do you
do, my dear boy? Come with me.
I've sent for you because I would
like to keep you with me.
I thank Your Highness, but I'm afraid
I'm no more good for staff work.
I'm used to my regiment. I like my
officers and they, I think, like me.
I'd be sorry to leave
the regiment.
If I decline the honor of being in
attendance to you, believe me...
I regret it. You would have been
of use to me, but you're right.
It's not here that we want men.
The regiments wouldn't be what
they are,
if all the would-be counselors
would serve in them like you.
I remember you at Austerlitz.
I remember you,
I remember you with the flag.
Ah, counselors and counselors!
There're always a multitude of
counselors, but men are scarce.
Always in haste,
and more haste, worse speed.
It's easy enough to take fortresses,
but it's hard to win a campaign.
It takes time and patience.
At Rustchuk, Kamensky used his
soldiers, and I, patience and time.
And I took more fortresses
than Kamensky.
And I made the Turks
eat horsemeat.
Give me some time, and the French
shall, too!
Take my word for it,
I'll make them eat horsemeat!
We shall have to give battle,
though, shan't we?
We must,
if everyone wants to.
What's one to do?
Well, goodbye, my boy,
go your own way, God bless you!
I know your path
is the path of honor.
Remember, with all my heart,
I feel for your sorrow,
and that for you, I'm not his
highness, nor prince, nor commander,
but simply a father to you.
As the girls went to the river,
As the girls went to the river,
Bumblebee, bumblebee,
wonder-wonder-wonder me,
That was Lusha, my honeybee!
Bumblebee, bumblebee,
wonder-wonder-wonder me,
That was Lusha, my honeybee!
They a-stripped of their shirts,
They a-stripped of their shirts...
Well, fellow countryman,
are we to put down here,
or taken out to Moscow?
It's not soldiers only, but peasants
too, I have seen today!
Peasants, too, they're hunting up,
they can't pick and choose now.
They want to mass all the people
It's a matter of Moscow, you see.
There's only one thing to do now.
Count, Your Excellency,
how do you come here?
Oh, I wanted to have a look...
- There'll be something to look at.
- It's awful...
These are from yesterday.
The battle went on well into
the night at the Shevardino redoubt.
A lot of casualties. And we've lost
the Shevardino Mound.
I would like to join. I want to
participate in the battle.
One thing I wanted to ask you.
Where is the position exactly?
That is not in my line.
Drive on to Tatarinovo, there's
a great deal of digging going there.
Come out on a mound,
from there you get a view.
A view from it?
If you would...
I would have shown you the way, but...
I'm racing to the commander.
There's to be a battle tomorrow,
and with a hundred thousand troops,
we must reckon on 20 thousand
wounded at least.
And we haven't the stretchers,
nor beds, nor doctors for 6,000.
There're 10 thousand carts,
but we need other things as well.
- Look at that get-up!
- What's it for?
To scare the French away?
He looks like a doctor.
Pierre's consciousness of
the necessity of sacrifice,
of suffering at the understanding
of the misfortune shared by all,
were drawing him inexorably to
the site of the imminent fighting.
Allow me to ask,
what village is that before us?
- Burdino, isn't it called?
- Borodino.
Are these our men there?
Yes. And further on are the French.
There, you can see them.
- Where?
- One can see them with the naked eye.
- And out there?
- Those are our men.
Ah, ours! I see. And there?
That's him again.
Yesterday it was ours,
but now it's his.
Who are you? A doctor?
No, I'm just looking...
They're bringing it.
They're bringing the Holy Mother,
our protectress!
- The Holy Mother of Iversky!
- The Holy Mother of

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