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voyage and good riddance!
Put the Count's things over here.
The young ladies' - on the left.
You've grown plumper and prettier.
Phoo! How cold you are!
Maria Dmitrievna, my Countess has
gotten ill. Our house isn't heated.
I took an opportunity of your
invitation, and here we are.
High time you did.
I'm so glad you could come.
The old Bolkonsky's in Moscow.
His son is also expected any day.
You really should make his
His highness cannot see you,
but her highness, the Princess,
asks you to come up.
You see, my dear Princess, I've
brought you my little songstress.
I'm so happy that you can get
to know each other.
I have long wanted to do so, Count.
I'm very glad.
I'm sorry to hear that the Prince
is unwell.
If you'll permit, Princess,
I'd like to leave my Natasha in
your hands for a quarter of an hour.
I would like to drop in
on Anna Semyonovna.
Then I'll come back and pick her up.
Please spend the longest time
possible at your friend's.
My dear Natalie, I'm so delighted
to see that my brother has found
happiness at last.
I think, Princess, that it's not
opportune to talk about that now.
Ah, Mademoiselle!
Countess Rostova,
if I am not mistaken?
I beg your pardon.
God is my witness, I didn't know
that you've honored us with a visit.
It was to my daughter that I came
in this costume.
Please excuse me.
So help me God, I didn't know.
I beg you to excuse me.
After all, what do his father and
sister matter to me?
He's the one I love and he alone.
No, I'd better not think of him.
I'd better forget him for now.
Look what a cap Anna Mikhailovna
has on.
That's the Karaghins with Julie and
Boris. One can see they're engaged.
Drubetskoy has made a proposal.
I heard so today.
How long have you been in town,
I have some business here, too,
and I've brought my girls with me.
They say, Semyonova's acting
is superb.
Here he is, Kuraghin!
I can't call on you. Does it mean
I'll never see you again?
How madly I'm in love with you!
Never to see you again?
Just one word! For the love of God!
One word!
Mademoiselle, a man asked me
to give you this.
Since last evening,
my fate is sealed:
To be loved by you or to die.
I have no other choice.
Forget all this. There's time yet.
Stop talking nonsense.
If you only knew
what this means to me.
I'm being serious.
What you're planning is no joke.
Stop teasing me!
Go to the devil!
I've helped you plan this,
but you must be told the truth.
This affair is dangerous, and when
you think of it, it's stupid.
All right, you'll take the girl away,
but they won't let it go at that.
They're going to find out you're
married. They'll take you to court!
Rubbish! Haven't I explained
everything to you?
If this marriage is invalid,
I won't have to answer for anything.
And if it's valid, in a foreign
country no one will know a thing.
So I don't want to hear about it
any more.
- You'll get your head in a noose.
- You go to the devil!
You don't understand what I'm
going through. Just feel it beating.
What a lovely foot she has! And
the look in her eye! A pure goddess!
- When your money's gone, what then?
- What then?
How am I to know what then?
Don't talk nonsense.
Sonya, I can't keep it from you
any longer.
We're in love.
He's written to me, Sonya...
And Bolkonsky?
You can't imagine
how happy I am!
You mean you're breaking up
with Prince Andrei?
You don't understand anything.
Stop this nonsense, listen to me.
I'm not going to let you do it.
I will tell.
If you tell, then you're my enemy!
You want to ruin my life.
You can't meddle in such affairs.
I confided in you...
Why doesn't he come right out
and ask for your hand?
After all, Prince Andrei has
given you complete freedom.
You mustn't doubt him, Sonya,
don't you understand?
- What if he's not an honorable man?
- I can't live without him!
I don't understand you!
Think of your father, of Nikolai!
I don't need

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