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instance, is blue.
Navy blue and red.
And he's quadrangular.
- You're flirting with him, too.
- No, he's a Freemason.
He's a darling, navy blue and red.
How can I explain it to you?
Countess, are you asleep?
No one can understand all
that I have in me.
Sonya? No, how could she?
She's too virtuous.
Even mother can't understand me.
It's amazing how clever I am and...
She is so charming. She's got
Extraordinarily intelligent,
pretty, graceful.
She swims, rides beautifully,
and her voice!
She's got a marvelous voice!
On December 31,
on the eve of the new year 1810,
a Catherine court dignitary
was giving a grand ball.
The Czar and the diplomatic corps
were expected to attend.
The Rostovs were invited, too,
and Natasha was preparing
for the first great ball
of her life.
Sonya! That bow isn't right.
Come here, will you?
- Aren't you ready? It's nearly 10.
- Coming!
- Are you ready, Mama?
- I only have my cap to pin on.
- Don't do it without me!
- But it's ten o'clock already!
Mavrusha, darling, hurry!
- Aren't you ever going to be ready?
- In a minute. Don't come in, Papa!
Can it be that no one will ask me
to dance?
That no one will notice me?
No, it can't be!
They have got to know
how I long to dance,
how wonderfully I dance, and how
glad they'll be to dance with me.
This is indeed interesting...
You always dance, don't you? I have
a protegee here, the Rostov girl.
- Will you ask her to dance?
- Where is she?
Excuse me, I'd be happy to go on
with our talk some other time.
But at a ball one should dance.
I want you to meet my daughter.
I have the pleasure of her acquaint-
ance, if the Countess remembers me.
Would you do me the honor
for a waltz?
If she goes to her cousin first,
then to another lady,
it will mean she will be my wife.
Isn't this marvelous?
Yes, it is. I'm very glad.
Oh, that's you. I've been working.
My dear, I have never experienced
anything like that.
I'm in love, my friend.
- Well?
- Mama, don't ask me anything now.
- With Natasha Rostova?
- Yes. Who else?
This feeling is too strong for me.
I wasn't really living until now.
Only now I feel alive,
but I can't live without her.
How could she ever love me?
I've never felt like this before!
But I feel scared when I'm with him.
Does that mean it's the real thing?
- Why don't you say something?
- Me? I've been telling you...
- Mama, are you asleep?
- No, my darling, I'm frightened.
I know I won't sleep anyway.
I never felt like this before!
That girl is such a treasure...
She's such a rare girl.
I'm asking you, don't try to
rationalize, have no doubts,
marry her, and I'm sure that
there will never be a happier man.
- But how about her?
- She loves you.
- Nonsense, Pierre.
- Yes, I know it.
- I must talk to someone about it.
- Go on, I'd be glad to.
It had to happen that he came to
St. Petersburg when we were here.
And we had to meet at that ball.
It was Fate, I'm sure.
Yes, it must have been that.
For me now,
the world is divided into two.
She is one part where you find
happiness, hope and light.
The other part is all where she
isn't, and that's all gloom.
Gloom and darkness.
Yes, I know what you mean.
Can a man help preferring light
to gloom? I'm so happy.
- I know you're glad for my sake.
- Yes, yes.
Mama, darling, how I love you!
How happy I am!
Three weeks went by.
Not once did Prince Bolkonsky
call on the Rostovs.
Natasha, darling,
perhaps he's ill. After all,
he was wounded at Austerlitz.
Please, don't, Mama!
I don't want to think about him.
He just started visiting us
and then stopped.
And I don't feel like getting
married. I'm afraid of the man.
I mean what I'm saying.
Why think that much about it?
Things are fine as they are.
Yes, that's me! And I don't need
What a charming creature
that Natasha is!
She's pretty, has a nice voice, she
is young, she doesn't bother anyone.
Just leave her alone!
Mama, Bolkonsky

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