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that God might be
merciful to the Count,
and might allow his noble soul
to leave this earth in peace.
Yes, of course.
But the point is, as you know, that
the Count has made out a will,
leaving all
of his property to Pierre.
He's made out many other wills.
He can't bequeath everything to
Pierre. He's illegitimate.
Can't you see the point, Katish?
You're an intelligent woman!
Can't you see
that if the Count
wrote to the Czar
begging him
to legitimize his son,
that means that Pierre
will become Count Bezukhov.
And according to the will,
he'll get everything.
Mama told me
to ask you to dance.
I'm afraid of getting the steps
all mixed up.
However, if you don't mind
being my teacher...
Semyon! The Daniel Cooper!
You know it?
Look at Papa!
Look at Papa!
Look at the Master.
He's a real eagle, isn't he?
Pray to our Lord!
O Lord, have mercy!
O Lord Almighty,
the Father of our Lord,
Jesus Christ,
stretch forth Thy
all-honorable hand
on Your servant Kirill.
We pray Thee and implore Thee,
absolve Thou the soul
of Thy servant Kirill
from every bond.
Pardon his transgressions, both
of knowledge and of ignorance.
And unto Thee do we ascribe glory
now and ever and unto ages of ages.
O Lord, have mercy!
O Lord, have mercy!
If the Count didn't ask for me,
I'd better go home.
My friend, I'm suffering as much
as you are, but try to be a man.
Man's earthly life has limits and
these limits cannot be exceeded.
There's never been a case that
one has lived after the 3rd stroke.
What an iron constitution he had!
Who's going to inherit all this?
It will not go begging.
Have courage. He has summoned
you here and that's good.
Some water?
Would you like us to call
Prince Vassily?
The master wants to be moved
over on his side.
For I am in trouble, and receive
Thou my soul and deliver it.
Ye who are my kinfolk
in the flesh,
and ye who are my brethren
in the spirit,
my friends and wonted
weep ye, sigh, wail;
for Io, now I am departing
from you.
Let go, I tell you!
I'll take the responsibility. You
don't know what you're doing.
- You vile woman.
- Let go!
What are you doing? He's about
to die and you leave me here alone!
Yes, you've been waiting for that.
You may rejoice now.
Ah, my friend.
We sin, we cheat.
And what is the point?
I'm already in my 50s, my friend...
We'll all die.
Death is horrible.
He is no more.
Come on, I'll see you out.
Try to cry. Nothing
gives better relief than tears.
God will be with you.
You are young and now, I hope,
you've come into possession
of a big fortune.
Ever since Czar Paul I has exiled
him to his estate,
the General-in-Chief, Prince
Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky,
nicknamed in high society
"The King of Prussia",
had never left his estate property
"Bald Hills"
where he dwelt with his daughter,
Princess Maria.
Are you well? Sit down.
For tomorrow...
Wait, there's a letter for you.
- From Eloise?
- Yes, it's from Julie.
I'm going to let you have two more
letters, the third one I'll read.
I'm afraid, you're writing
a lot of nonsense.
- You may read this, Father.
- I said, the third!
Well, young lady...
These triangles are similar.
As you can see, the sides A, B
and C of a triangle...
The strict order of life at Bald
Hills could not be broken
even by such an event as
saying goodbye to his son.
It's so much like him...
What an intelligent man
is your father.
Perhaps, that's the reason I'm so
afraid of him.
Please, sit down.
Be seated, Mikhail Ivanovich.
You should walk
as much as possible.
Against your will,
He will save you and have mercy
and will turn you to Himself,
because only in Him
you'll find truth and comfort.
Please, take it, Andrei,
for my sake.
- You're going?
- I came to say goodbye.
Kiss me.
Thank you.
Why do you thank me?
Because you're not wasting time,
hanging on to the woman's skirt.
Service before everything.
Thank you very

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