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feats, gallant and bold.
It's a pleasure as sublime
For all Moscow you to behold.
After battle find your peace
In your fellow citizens' circle.
And now let's drink to the health
of beautiful women!
You can't see too well
through your glasses.
Your wife's liaison with Dolokhov
is a secret to no one but yourself.
You can't see too well
through your glasses.
Your wife's liaison with Dolokhov
is a secret to no one but yourself.
To beautiful women, Petrousha,
and to their lovers.
You can't see too well
through your glasses.
Your wife's liaison with Dolokhov
is a secret to no one but yourself.
Don't you dare take it!
No, I will keep it!
You... You are a scoundrel!
You will give me satisfaction!
Maybe I'd have done the same
thing in Dolokhov's place.
It's even certain that I'd have
done the same.
Then why this duel? This murder?
I should go away, run,
hide somewhere!
At this moment, a very solemn one
for you, Count,
I wouldn't be doing my duty
if I didn't speak frankly.
In my opinion, there're not
sufficient grounds for this duel,
the matter's not worth
blood being shed over.
You weren't quite in the right,
Count, you lost your temper.
Yes, that was stupid.
Then please allow me
to convey your regrets,
and I'm convinced our opponents
will accept your apologies.
- Let me negotiate with them.
- There's no point in that.
It makes no difference.
Well, are we ready?
- But perhaps we could...
- Absolutely no apologies!
You just tell me which way should
I walk and where should I fire?
Yes, that's the way it's done.
I know, I've just forgotten.
- Shall we begin?
- I suppose so.
Since there can be no
reconciliation, we may begin.
When I count three,
start advancing towards each other.
One, two...
No, no! It's not over!
Get back to the barrier!
Cover yourself!
I missed! I missed...
It's so stupid, stupid...
Death. Death. Lies!
So stupid.
Death and lies...
How are you?
I'm all right. But I've killed her.
I've killed her...
She won't get through this.
My mother.
My mother.
My angel, my adorable angel.
My mother.
Rostov was greatly surprised
to learn that Dolokhov,
that brawler and duellist,
lived in Moscow with his old
mother and hunchbacked sister
and was a most
loving son and brother.
Now what's all this?
What have you done,
I'm asking you?
Me? Why? I...
You've decided to be a hero!
What's the meaning of this duel?
What were you trying to prove?
So, you won't answer?
Then I'm going to tell you.
You believe everything
anybody says.
You were told that Dolokhov
was my lover, and you believed it.
What did you prove by doing this?
What could you prove with this duel?
That you are a fool?
But everyone already knew that.
Now all this'll end up in my being
the laughing stock of Moscow.
And everyone
will be able to say
that you had drunk so much
that you challenged a man
of whom you were jealous
for no reason
and who, in every way,
is a better man than you are.
What ever made you think
that he was my lover?
Because I've enjoyed his company?
If you hadn't been so dull
I might have enjoyed yours more.
Will you stop speaking? Please.
Why should I stop speaking?
I'm going to say outright
that there isn't another woman
who married to such a husband
wouldn't have taken several lovers.
And I've never had any.
I think we had better separate.
Separate? Only on the condition
that you give me a fortune.
Separate! Don't you think
you can frighten me!
I'm going to kill you!
Get out!
Go upstairs to Maria Bogdanovna
and just say to her:
"The Prince has sent me
to ask how she is?"
Then come back and tell me
what she says.
You can tell His Highness that
labor has started.
According to a popular belief,
the fewer people know about
the suffering of a woman in labor
the less is her suffering.
Everyone pretended
to be unaware of it.
Nobody spoke about it,
but everyone in the house wore


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