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instructions, Father.
And now goodbye!
But remember, Prince Andrei,
should you die on the battlefield,
your old father will mourn for you.
But should I hear you've behaved
not like Nikolai Bolkonsky's son,
I will be ashamed!
You need not have
said that to me, Father.
There's something else
I wanted to ask you.
If I am killed
and if I have a son,
would you keep him here with you?
Let him grow up under your roof.
Not to give him to your wife?
We've already said goodbye.
You may go.
Under the command of Kutuzov,
the Russian army, 50,000 strong,
marched into Austria
to join forces with the allied army
of the Austrian General Mack,
to undertake joint action
against Napoleon.
They say Kutuzov is one-eyed.
Sure thing! Absolutely one-eyed!
No, pal, he sees better'n you do.
Checked everything: Boots, puttees.
When he looked at my feet,
I thought I'm done...
I wish we had a rest 'fore marching
another 5 versts without a bite...
Germans provided carriages. We
used to ride like some big shots.
Poles, they also of the Russian
crown. Now there're only Germans.
Singers, up front!
Hey, you senny, Russian senny,
new-made entrance to my home,
Brand-new senny, all of maple
and of lattice handiwork.
Through these senny I will pass
Arm-in-arm with my sweet lass.
Here comes a fair maid
outside the new-made gate,
Brand-new gate of pure oak
and of lattice handiwork.
She would let a falcon out,
of her right sleeve he'll flutter out.
Fly on, falcon,
high and far!
Go on flying
high and far,
Very high and very far
to my dear home town,
To my dear home town!
Good morning!
Hurrah for the Austrians!
Hurrah for the Russians!
Hurrah for the whole world!
Well, what is it, Prince?
We've got orders to write a paper
explaining why we're not advancing.
And why aren't we?
No news from Mack?
If Mack's been defeated
and the allied forces destroyed,
we would have known about it.
I'd like to see Commander-in-Chief
The Commander-in-Chief is engaged.
Whom shall I announce?
General Kutuzov is busy!
You see before you
the unfortunate General Mack.
- Why do you look so gloomy?
- There's nothing to rejoice about.
Step back. Make way.
My congratulations!
General Mack is here.
He is in good health, but
a little bit knocked down up there.
Sir, if you prefer to be a clown,
I cannot do anything to stop you.
But I'm warning you
that if you dare buffooning
in my presence again
I'll have to teach you good manners!
- I only congratulated.
- I'm notjoking!
Come on, dear, what is it with you?
Can't you see? We're either officers
serving our Czar and Fatherland,
rejoicing over our common success
or mourning our common failure,
or we're lackeys who don't give
a damn about the master's affairs.
Forty thousand people have died,
our ally's army has been destroyed,
and you are able to joke about it.
Only silly kids can amuse
themselves in this way.
Isn't it charming how the Gascons
show what they're made of? Well?
Three of them go
and seize a bridge.
The French cross the bridge and
their army gets across the Danube.
But if the French have crossed
the Thabor Bridge,
that means Kutuzov's army is
cut off, it is doomed!
That's what it looks like.
Wait, I have some plans for you
for this evening.
She is delightful, isn't she?
Happy is the man
who will possess her.
With her, the most unworldly
husband would automatically take
a prominent position in society,
don't you think so?
- I wanted to know your opinion.
- Yes, yes, she's beautiful.
Well, goodbye, Prince.
And God protect you.
May your great endeavor succeed.
You have my blessing.
Get in with me.
Permit me to stay in
General Bagration's detachment.
Get in. I also need good officers
on my staff.
I also need them.
There's still much to be done.
Much to be gone through.
Should just one tenth of Bagration's
soldiers return tomorrow,
I'll be grateful to Almighty God.

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