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What's wrong?
- It's nothing. Leave me alone.
- Nothing matters in this world.
You alone are everything for me.
I'll prove it to you.
- I don't like it when you say so.
- I won't. Forgive me, Sonya.
It's so wonderful.
Boris, come over here.
I have to tell you something.
Over here.
I wonder what is this something.
Kiss the doll.
You don't want to?
Come on, come here.
More closer.
Would you like to kiss me?
Let me congratulate you
on this occasion, my dear.
And you, old sinner,
feeling bored in Moscow?
There's nothing much you can do.
When your little birds grow up,
you have to get them husbands.
How are you, sweet little
Cossack of mine?
I know you're a rascal,
but I love you just the same.
Come here, my young friend.
Here, I said.
I used to tell your father the truth
when he needed to be told.
As for you, I feel it's my sacred
duty to do the same.
Some hero, isn't he?
A pretty kettle of fish indeed!
Your father lies on his death-bed
and you amuse yourself.
Tying a police officer
to the back of a bear!
Shame on you, dear!
You'd do better to go to war.
Well, now, I think,
it's time for dinner.
The manifesto on the declaration
of war has already been out.
I myself saw it in St. Petersburg.
It's been delivered to
the commander-in-chief in Moscow.
Why in the devil should we go
to war against Bonaparte?
He has cut down Austria to size,
it's going to be our turn next.
It's for the reason, my dear sir,
that the Emperor knows what to do.
Well, Yeryoma,
you'd be better off staying home,
fixing your spinning wheels.
This befits us better.
We always have to fight
to the last drop of our blood
and die for our Emperor.
And then everything
will be all right.
The less we debate
this thing the better.
That's what old Hussars think.
And what do you think,
young man and young Hussar?
I agree with you absolutely.
I'm convinced that Russians
must either die or win.
That's a real Hussar speaking,
young man!
What are you making such a row
about there?
Why are knocking on the table?
Who are you angry with?
As though you're confronting
the French.
I'm telling the truth.
We're talking about the war.
My son is going off.
I have four sons in the army,
and I don't worry.
It's all in God's hands.
One may die in one's bed, or God
may save you on the battlefield.
Yes, that's true.
You know that
I have sent for Pierre?
The Count, by pointing at his
portrait, demanded to see him.
There's something I've kept
praying for, my dear cousin,
that God might be
merciful to the Count,
and might allow his noble soul
to leave this earth in peace.
Yes, of course.
But the point is, as you know, that
the Count has made out a will,
leaving all
of his property to Pierre.
He's made out many other wills.
He can't bequeath everything to
Pierre. He's illegitimate.
Can't you see the point, Katish?
You're an intelligent woman!
Can't you see
that if the Count
wrote to the Czar
begging him
to legitimize his son,
that means that Pierre
will become Count Bezukhov.
And according to the will,
he'll get everything.
Mama told me
to ask you to dance.
I'm afraid of getting the steps
all mixed up.
However, if you don't mind
being my teacher...
Semyon! The Daniel Cooper!
You know it?
Look at Papa!
Look at Papa!
Look at the Master.
He's a real eagle, isn't he?
Pray to our Lord!
O Lord, have mercy!
O Lord Almighty,
the Father of our Lord,
Jesus Christ,
stretch forth Thy
all-honorable hand
on Your servant Kirill.
We pray Thee and implore Thee,
absolve Thou the soul
of Thy servant Kirill
from every bond.
Pardon his transgressions, both
of knowledge and of ignorance.
And unto Thee do we ascribe glory
now and ever and unto ages of ages.
O Lord, have mercy!
O Lord, have mercy!
If the Count didn't ask for me,
I'd better go home.
My friend, I'm suffering as much
as you are, but try to be a man.
Man's earthly life has limits and


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