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like this
six months ago.
I beg you to stop!
Please, don't get upset, Princess.
It's just your imagination,
because, I assure you...
I myself have felt that...
I know... because...
No, excuse me, an outsider
has no business here.
You mustn't get upset.
- Good night.
- Wait, Pierre.
The princess is too kind not to let
me enjoy your company.
- There! He only thinks of himself!
- Liz!
Never marry, my friend,
that is my advice to you.
Never marry till you can say to
yourself you've done everything,
till you have stopped loving the
woman whom you have chosen,
till you're able to see her clearly.
Otherwise you'll be making
a cruel and irrevocable mistake.
Marry when you are old
and good for nothing.
Or everything that is good and
noble in you will be lost.
It will all be wasted on trifles.
You say,
Buonaparte and his career.
But when he was working for
his goal, he was free.
He had nothing but his goal,
and he had achieved it.
And we have nothing but salons,
gossip, balls, vanity, nonentity.
The vicious circle
I can't break free of.
That's enough talk about me.
Shall we talk about you?
But what is there to say?
Who am I after all?
An illegitimate son,
without name and without fortune.
Of course, I have my freedom,
and I'm enjoying it.
Yet, I don't know what to take up,
I need some advice from you.
I'm very fond of you, because
you're the only one who's really
alive among our society.
You can pick anything you like,
the Imperial Guards, diplomacy.
You're going
to be all right everywhere.
But you shouldn't associate with the
Kuraghin set and their way of life.
It doesn't suit you,
the debauchery, the carousing.
Do you know what? Seriously,
I have long thought the same thing.
Leading that sort of life,
I can't decide anything properly.
I waste money and get headaches.
I won't go tonight.
Give me your word
that you won't be going there.
I promise.
Petrousha, dear friend,
come over here!
Get out, or they're going
to think I'm holding on!
You have a try, Hercules!
Wait! Kuraghin! Listen!
If anyone can do the same,
I'll pay him 100 imperials.
Do you understand?
This is folly, gentlemen!
He'll get himself killed.
Don't startle him! Otherwise he's
sure to be killed, and what then?
The first who tries
to come close to me
is going to get pushed down.
It's empty!
I will do the same thing!
I will drink it up.
Bring me a bottle of rum!
I'll do it even without betting.
Let him do it!
You get dizzy just trying
to get upstairs, man.
Tell them to bring a bottle.
I'll do it.
Listen, I'll take your bet,
but we'll do it tomorrow.
And now we're going to pay
a visit to the actresses!
Let's go!
And we'll take Bruin with us too!
Prince Vassily is here.
Count Bezukhov must be
in a really bad state.
I feel so sorry for
poor Count Bezukhov.
His health is so wretched already
that the pranks of his son could
very well be the death of him.
What have they done now?
The three of them
dug up a bear somewhere
and took him in a carriage
to see the actresses.
They captured a policeman,
strapped him and the bear together
and threw them into the Moika.
The bear was swimming
with the officer riding him.
I can imagine, ma chere, what
a look the officer had on his face!
It's horrid! What's so funny
about it, Count?
Dolokhov has been reduced
to the ranks,
as for Anatole Kuraghin, his
father had the affair hushed up,
and Pierre Bezukhov has been
exiled to Moscow.
I hope no one in Moscow
will receive him.
I declined to do so,
most emphatically.
I have daughters.
Still, you know, ma chere,
it was a fine trick.
Just think of the figure that
police officer cut in the water!
Monsieur Pierre.
Here she is!
My pet, whose name-day it is!
You keep spoiling her, Ilya.
How are you, my dear?
Many happy returns!
- A charming child.
- Pure quick silver! Takes after me.
Yes, they're wonderful kids.
Sonya! What's the matter?

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