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like to join. I want to
participate in the battle.
One thing I wanted to ask you.
Where is the position exactly?
That is not in my line.
Drive on to Tatarinovo, there's
a great deal of digging going there.
Come out on a mound,
from there you get a view.
A view from it?
If you would...
I would have shown you the way, but...
I'm racing to the commander.
There's to be a battle tomorrow,
and with a hundred thousand troops,
we must reckon on 20 thousand
wounded at least.
And we haven't the stretchers,
nor beds, nor doctors for 6,000.
There're 10 thousand carts,
but we need other things as well.
- Look at that get-up!
- What's it for?
To scare the French away?
He looks like a doctor.
Pierre's consciousness of
the necessity of sacrifice,
of suffering at the understanding
of the misfortune shared by all,
were drawing him inexorably to
the site of the imminent fighting.
Allow me to ask,
what village is that before us?
- Burdino, isn't it called?
- Borodino.
Are these our men there?
Yes. And further on are the French.
There, you can see them.
- Where?
- One can see them with the naked eye.
- And out there?
- Those are our men.
Ah, ours! I see. And there?
That's him again.
Yesterday it was ours,
but now it's his.
Who are you? A doctor?
No, I'm just looking...
They're bringing it.
They're bringing the Holy Mother,
our protectress!
- The Holy Mother of Iversky!
- The Holy Mother of Smolensk!
O Mother of God,
save Thy servants.
O Mother of God,
save Thy servants.
Glory be to Father, and to Son,
and to Holy Ghost,
now and ever and unto
ages of ages.
O Mother of God,
save Thy servants from calamity,
for to Thee we all fly
as our invincible Bulwark and
Look with favor,
O merciful Mother of God,
upon my shameful thought and
words and deeds
and assuage the pangs of me
the sufferer.
For we have no other helper,
for we have no other hope
but only Thee, our protectress.
Help us, having compassion on us.
In Thee we rest our hopes,
and Thee we glorify.
For we are Thy servants,
and we are not ashamed of Thee.
He knew that the morrow's battle
would be the most dreadful of
all those he had taken part in,
and the plain possibility of death
presented itself to him
almost like an awesome certainty.
The fatherland... The loss of Moscow.
And tomorrow I'll be killed.
What is the trial for,
since I never will be?
I am not!
So for whom is it a trial?
New conditions of life will arise
about which I will know nothing.
I'll no longer exist.
I won't exist anymore.
I won't exist anymore.
Your Highness, the left flank
of the second battalion
has been brought in closer
to the village of Semyonovskaya.
Sentries have been posted in each
Who's there?
What brings you here?
This is really unexpected!
I have come, you know... simply...
It's interesting.
I wanted to see the battle.
What's new in Moscow? My family?
Have they finally arrived there?
Yes, they have. Julie Drubetskaya
told me they had.
I went to see them, but I missed
them. They've gone to the estate.
Today I rode around
the disposition of the troops.
As a civilian I can't really say
I fully understand,
but I think I've understood
the general position.
I believe that our position...
I think that
the left flank is feeble,
while the right flank is extended
too far.
So the whole position of our troops
is clear to you?
Yes, but how do mean?
Victory does not depend,
and will never depend
on arms, nor even on numbers,
and least of all, on strategy.
On what does it depend?
It all depends on a feeling that's
within me, within every soldier.
Why were we defeated at Austerlitz?
Absurd. There's no such thing.
We just wanted to leave
the battlefield quickly.
And so tomorrow what will happen?
To me, it's simple enough:
A hundred thousand Russian and
a hundred thousand French troops
will meet to fight. The fact is that
those 200,000 are


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