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K. GOLOVKO as Countess Rostova
S. ERMILOV as Petya Rostov
I. GUBANOVA as Sonya
as Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky
A. SHURANOVA as Princess Maria
A. SYOMIN as Nikolushka
V. LANOVOY as Anatole
E. MARTSEVICH as Drubetskoy
A. STEPANOVA as Scherer
B. SMIRNOV as Prince Vassily
V. MURGANOV as Alexander I
V. STRZHELCHIK as Napoleon
G. ZOMMER as Bennigsen
Ya. GRANTINSH as Woltzogen
D. EISENTALS as Clausewitz
P. SAVIN as Timokhin
On June 12, the armies of Western
Europe crossed the Russian border,
and the war began,
an event completely opposed to
human reason,
and human nature.
Will you listen to me, Papa and
Mama? I have decided.
You'll have to let me join the army.
You can't stop me!
- Don't be silly. You should study!
- I'm not being silly, Papa.
Fedya Obolensky's even younger
than I'm and he's going.
And besides, how do you expect me
to study when...
our country's in danger?
You keep quiet, will you please?
I tell you I'm serious.
Nonsense! He's still wet behind
the ears and he wants to go to war!
Just listen to him!
Almighty God!
Take Thou the lance and shield,
and rise up to aid us.
Put to shame and confusion them
that have devised evil against us,
and let Thy mighty angel
confound and destroy their ilk.
Smite down our enemies
and trample them swiftly underfoot.
Our father, the Czar!
Hurrah! Which one is the Czar?
Which one is the Czar?
Kutuzov has done nothing else
but cause annoyance to the Czar.
How is it possible to appoint
as our commander-in-chief
a man who can't mount a horse, who
goes to sleep at council meetings?
His morals are the worst you can
I won't even dwell upon his so-
called qualities as a strategist.
At a time like this how can anyone
call on a man who is so old?
Just imagine. A blind general!
He can't see anything. He could
only play blind man's bluff.
Never have our forces fought
with such valor.
But the fate of the army and
of the fatherland
are in the hands of a good minister
and a bad general.
Barclay is delaying action.
The whole army is critical of him.
The French are at Vitebsk.
In four days they may reach Smolensk.
Or they may be already there.
Prince, what do you think of
the situation?
The field of operations may move
so near to us that...
I have said and I still say
the field of operations is Poland,
and that the enemy will never get
beyond the Niemen river.
When the snow melts,
they'll drown in the Polish marshes.
But, Prince, the letter says
that they're at Vitebsk now.
Ah, the letter...
He says the French were defeated.
Near what river did he say?
The Prince never mentioned that.
Mikhail Ivanovich, how do you
want those plans altered?
Go ahead! Take everything!
I'll set the place on fire myself!
Those devils won't get it!
Nowhere did he seem to be
But worst of all was his customary
place on the couch in the study.
This couch had become a dread,
because of the oppressive thoughts
that kept turning over in his mind
when he lay there.
No, no, not like that!
There's no peace anywhere!
Blast it all!
Yes, there was something important
I was saving to think about in bed.
The bolts? No, it was something,
something in the drawing-room.
Tishka! What did we speak about
at dinner?
About Prince Mikhail.
Will you keep quiet? I know,
about Prince Andrei's letter.
The French are at Vitebsk.
In four days they may reach Smolensk.
Perhaps they're there by now.
No, nothing.
I don't need anything.
Soul's in pain...
The Princess is afraid.
The soul's in pain.
The soul's in pain.
All my thoughts... were about you.
I kept calling you all night.
If I had only known!
I was afraid to come in.
- You weren't sleeping?
- No, I wasn't sleeping.
Why didn't you come, my dear?
Thank you for all you've done,
my child, my dear...
Forgive me, and thank you.
Forgive me, and thank you.
Will you

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