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doing so,
but if there remains in you a scrap
of human conscience...
If you must, go to women like my
wife for your diversion.
They know what you want, and
so there you're within your rights.
They're as well armed as you with
the same experience of debauchery.
But deceiving a girl whom you've
vowed to marry...
kidnapping her...
Have you never been told that
it's just as cowardly and infamous
as killing an old man or a child?
I wouldn't know and I really don't
care to know.
But you used certain words,
like cowardly and so on,
that I cannot condone
as a man of honor.
Although there are no witnesses,
still I'm not going...
You want satisfaction?
You might at least
take back your insults,
if you want me to comply
with your wishes.
I take back my words
and ask you to forgive me.
And should you need any money
for yourjourney...
What a breed you are! Mean,
sordid, heartless!
Her letters and her portrait. Would
you return them to the Countess?
She is very ill.
So she is still here?
And Prince Kuraghin?
He left long ago.
She almost died.
I'm very sorry to hear of her
I take it, Monsieur Kuraghin
did not honor her with his hand?
He couldn't marry
because he was already married.
And where might your brother-in-law
be now, if I may ask?
He left for St. Petersburg...
Actually I've no idea where he is.
You may tell Countess Rostova
she's always been and remains free,
and that I wish her every happiness.
Do you remember that discussion
we had in St. Petersburg...
Yes, I told you that one should
forgive a fallen woman.
But I never said I would be able to.
I can't forgive.
But can this be compared?
Once more to ask for her hand,
to be magnanimous?
I am not up to following
the same path as that gentleman.
If you want to be my friend,
don't talk to me again about that...
about all this.
Well, goodbye.
Pyotr Kirillovich,
Prince Bolkonsky is your friend.
He once told me
I could come to you for help.
Now the Prince is here...
Could you tell him to...
to please forgive me?
- Yes, I will tell him, but...
- I know everything's finished.
What torments me is
that I have hurt him so.
Can you tell him that I beg him
to forgive me for everything.
Yes, I'll tell him. I will do as you
Only I'd like to know one thing...
I would like to know whether
you loved...
Did you love that evil man?
You mustn't call him evil.
I don't know anymore.
Then we won't speak of it again,
my dear.
I will tell him everything, but you
must think of me as your friend.
If you ever need help, if you feel
like confiding in someone,
not right now, but when you can see
in yourself more clearly,
remember I'm your friend.
If there's anything I can do,
I would be happy...
Please don't be so kind.
I don't deserve it!
Don't say that! Your whole life
still lies ahead of you.
No! For me, everything's finished.
Everything is finished?
If I were somebody else,
somebody who was good-Iooking,
intelligent and the best of men,
and if I were free,
I would be right now at your feet
asking for your hand and your love.
It seemed to him that this
dazzling comet
was the perfect symbol of what
he felt in his compassionate soul
which brimmed with the blossom
of a new life.
On June 12, the armies of Western
Europe crossed the Russian border,
and the war began,
an event completely opposed
to human reason
and human nature.
End of Part TwoMOSFIL
Directed by
Screen Adaptation by
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Music by Vyacheslav OVCHINNIKOV
Sound by
English Subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva
Liudmila SAVELYEVA as Natasha Rostova
Sergei BONDARCHUK as Pierre Bezukhov
Vyacheslav TIKHONOV
as Andrei Bolkonsky
Boris ZAKHAVA as Kutuzov
V. STANITSIN as Ilya Andreyevich Rostov


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