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you think of it, it's stupid.
All right, you'll take the girl away,
but they won't let it go at that.
They're going to find out you're
married. They'll take you to court!
Rubbish! Haven't I explained
everything to you?
If this marriage is invalid,
I won't have to answer for anything.
And if it's valid, in a foreign
country no one will know a thing.
So I don't want to hear about it
any more.
- You'll get your head in a noose.
- You go to the devil!
You don't understand what I'm
going through. Just feel it beating.
What a lovely foot she has! And
the look in her eye! A pure goddess!
- When your money's gone, what then?
- What then?
How am I to know what then?
Don't talk nonsense.
Sonya, I can't keep it from you
any longer.
We're in love.
He's written to me, Sonya...
And Bolkonsky?
You can't imagine
how happy I am!
You mean you're breaking up
with Prince Andrei?
You don't understand anything.
Stop this nonsense, listen to me.
I'm not going to let you do it.
I will tell.
If you tell, then you're my enemy!
You want to ruin my life.
You can't meddle in such affairs.
I confided in you...
Why doesn't he come right out
and ask for your hand?
After all, Prince Andrei has
given you complete freedom.
You mustn't doubt him, Sonya,
don't you understand?
- What if he's not an honorable man?
- I can't live without him!
I don't understand you!
Think of your father, of Nikolai!
I don't need anyone!
I don't love anybody except him!
I don't want to quarrel. Please go!
Don't you see that I'm suffering?
Well, lads, friends of my youth,
we have had jolly sprees together!
Now, when shall we meet again?
I'm going abroad. Farewell!
- Let's get going!
- And where's the sable coat?
Ignatka! Go upstairs and ask for
a sable coat!
She'll come out nearly dead with
fright, wearing whatever she had on.
If you don't act fast, she'll get
cold and want to go back.
Then you wrap the coat around her
and carry her over to the sleigh.
You idiot! I said sable, didn't I?
Come on, take it. I won't miss it.
I shall demonstrate.
That's the way. See?
She will be out directly.
- Will you come to the mistress?
- What mistress?
My orders are to bring you in.
Kuraghin! We've been betrayed!
Maria Dmitrievna, let me in
to see her, for God's sake!
Shameless girl! Wretched little
A fine thing! Arranging meetings
with lovers under my roof.
Enough of those crocodile tears.
Listen to me when I speak to you.
You've disgraced yourself,
like a common girl of the streets.
I don't know what I'd have done if
I didn't feel sorry for your father.
A lucky thing for that scoundrel
that he escaped, but he'll be found.
Will you listen to what I'm saying?
Let me alone. I don't care.
I'm going to die!
I'm doing this for your own good.
Now lie still, I won't touch you.
What am I going to tell your father
when he comes back tomorrow?
- What if he and your fiance find out?
- I have no fiance. I've broken up.
Makes no difference. He'll find out.
Do you think he'll keep quiet?
He might even challenge that
scoundrel to a duel. What then?
Will you leave me alone?
Why did you have to meddle?
Who asked you to do that?
Just what did you expect?
Suppose he had kidnapped you?
Do you think you'd get away with it?
He's a scoundrel, that's what he is!
He's better than any of you!
Why did you have to interfere?
Oh, merciful God, why?
Sonya, why?
Will you get out?
Everyone hates me, despises me!
You are worse than a cad. You're
a scoundrel!
Why am I denying myself
the pleasure of smashing your head?
- Had you promised to marry her?
- I... I didn't think.
Well, I couldn't make any promises
because I'm married already.
Have you any letters from her?
I won't do anything to you,
don't be afraid.
I've got the letters. Now you will
have to leave Moscow by morning.
And one other thing. You'll never
breathe a word about what happened.
I know I can't prevent you

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