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such a treasure...
She's such a rare girl.
I'm asking you, don't try to
rationalize, have no doubts,
marry her, and I'm sure that
there will never be a happier man.
- But how about her?
- She loves you.
- Nonsense, Pierre.
- Yes, I know it.
- I must talk to someone about it.
- Go on, I'd be glad to.
It had to happen that he came to
St. Petersburg when we were here.
And we had to meet at that ball.
It was Fate, I'm sure.
Yes, it must have been that.
For me now,
the world is divided into two.
She is one part where you find
happiness, hope and light.
The other part is all where she
isn't, and that's all gloom.
Gloom and darkness.
Yes, I know what you mean.
Can a man help preferring light
to gloom? I'm so happy.
- I know you're glad for my sake.
- Yes, yes.
Mama, darling, how I love you!
How happy I am!
Three weeks went by.
Not once did Prince Bolkonsky
call on the Rostovs.
Natasha, darling,
perhaps he's ill. After all,
he was wounded at Austerlitz.
Please, don't, Mama!
I don't want to think about him.
He just started visiting us
and then stopped.
And I don't feel like getting
married. I'm afraid of the man.
I mean what I'm saying.
Why think that much about it?
Things are fine as they are.
Yes, that's me! And I don't need
What a charming creature
that Natasha is!
She's pretty, has a nice voice, she
is young, she doesn't bother anyone.
Just leave her alone!
Mama, Bolkonsky is here!
Mama, it's awful!
I don't want to be tortured!
Who's here? Why?
Oh please, Natasha!
It's such a long time since we
have had the pleasure...
I haven't been to visit you
because I had to see my father.
There was something very important
I had to talk to him about.
I would like to speak to you,
Go, Natasha, I will call you.
Lord, have pity on me.
Lord, please help me.
Well, Mama?
Go to him.
He's asking for your hand.
Can it be that this stranger
has become everything to me now?
Now he's dearer to me than
anything else in the world.
Since the very first minute I saw
you I have loved you.
Please say that I can hope.
Why ask?
Why doubt what it's impossible
not to know?
Why talk when you can't express
with words what you feel?
- Do you love me?
- Oh yes, yes...
- What is it? Is something wrong?
- I feel so happy.
Now, Prince Andrei no longer felt
the same love for her as before.
Something within him had changed.
There was none of the former
poetic charm of attraction,
only a kind of pity for her
feminine and childish weakness,
a sort of terror before
her devotion and trustfulness.
Although this new feeling was not
as poetic as the old one,
it was stronger and more serious.
Did your mother tell you that we
cannot be married for a year?
Is it possible that it's me?
Is it possible that from now on
I'm to be the wife,
the equal of this stranger,
who is so intelligent and charming,
whom even my father looks up to?
Can it be true
that life is no longer a game,
that now I'm responsible for
everything I do and say?
But what was it he asked me?
You are so young, and I've already
been through such a great deal.
It's for you that I'm afraid.
You don't know yourself yet.
Difficult as it is for me to wait an
entire year, delaying my happiness,
it will give you some time to test
I'm asking you to make me
happy in a year.
But till then you are free.
Our engagement will remain secret.
And should you find
that you do not love me...
Why do you say that?
From the first day you came to
Otradnoye, I have loved you.
In one year you will learn
to know yourself.
A whole year?
Why wait a year?
Can't anything be done?
It's frightening!
I'll die waiting a year!
Why, it's so awful!
No! I'll do anything.
I feel so happy!
There was no ceremony
and their betrothal
was not announced to anyone.
Don't go.
I beg you, Natalie,
God knows what may happen.
Perhaps you will stop loving me...
I know I shouldn't talk about that.

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