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What on earth for?
There must be some answer!
Of course...
I mean it's not argument
that convinces me,
it's setting out in life with
someone you love
and suddenly that
someone disappears...
into nothingness.
You stop before that abyss
and have a look down there.
Just as I have done.
Of course. Isn't that exactly
what I've been saying?
We must live. We must love.
We must believe that we're not only
living now on this lump of earth,
but that we have lived and shall
live forever, in everything.
Your Highness, isn't it good?
- What?
- Isn't it good, Your Highness?
What is he talking about?
Yes, the spring, I suppose.
It's true, everything
is green already. So soon.
The birch, the bird-cherry...
And the alder is opening up. Only
the oak shows no signs of life.
Yes, there's the oak.
Haven't you grown weary of this
same stupid, meaningless delusion?
It's always the same,
and it's always a lie.
There is no spring,
no sun, and no happiness.
I don't believe in your hopes
and in your illusions.
Yes, the oak is right,
a thousand times right.
Let the others, the young,
to be taken in by this delusion.
We who know life know
that it is finished.
Yet we must live out our lives,
doing no harm, and not worrying
or desiring anything.
His obligations as trustee
of the family's Ryazan estate
compelled Prince Andrei
to call upon
the local Marshal of Nobility,
Count Rostov.
- Just once more!
- But when are you coming to bed?
I can't sleep anyway.
What can I do?
Oh, isn't it lovely?
Now let's go to bed!
You go. I can't.
Sonya, how can you sleep?
Just look how lovely it is.
Oh, wake up, Sonya!
There's never been
such a beautiful night.
Will you look at that moonlight?
Oh, it's marvelous!
Come and look, please, my dear.
You see?
It makes me want to sit down
on my heels, like this,
put my arms around my knees...
and hug them tight,
as tight as I can,
and then I'd fly up. Like this!
Yes, it was here, in this forest,
that I saw that oak,
with which we agreed.
But where is it?
Yes, it's the same oak!
I loved you all.
I've done no harm to anyone.
And now what have you done to me?
We must live. We must love.
We must believe that we're not only
living now on this lump of earth,
but that we have lived and shall
live forever, in everything.
No, life is not over at thirty-one.
It's not enough for me to know
what I have in me.
Everyone else must know it too:
Pierre and that little girl
who wanted to fly away.
Everyone must know me
so that my life won't be spent
for myself alone.
My life must be reflected in theirs,
and all the others must live
my life with me!
End of Film OneMOSFIL
Directed by
Screen Adaptation by
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Music by Vyacheslav OVCHINNIKOV
Sound by Yuri MIKHAILOV
English Subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva
as Natasha Rostova
Sergei BONDARCHUK as Pierre Bezukhov
Vyacheslav TIKHONOV as Andrei Bolkonsky
V. STANITSIN as Ilya Andreyevich Rostov
K. GOLOVKO as Countess Rostova
O. TABAKOV as Nikolai Rostov
S. ERMILOV as Petya Rostov
I. GUBANOVA as Sonya
as Nikolai Andreyevich Bolkonsky
A. SHURANOVA as Princess Maria
V. LANOVOY as Anatole
O. EFREMOV as Dolokhov
A. BORISOV as the Rostov Uncle
N. MORDIUKOVA as Anisya Fyodorovna
Ye. TYAPKINA as Akhrosimova
K. POLOVIKOVA as Drubetskaya
E. MARTSEVICH as Drubetskoy
A. STEPANOVA as Scherer
G. KRAVCHENKO as Karaghina
V. MURGANOV as Alexander I
V. STRZHELCHIK as Napoleon
In June of 1807,
in Tilsit,
the meeting of the emperors Alexander
and Napoleon took place.
In the meantime, life,
the actual life of people,
with its concerns
of health, sickness,
work, rest,
and the interest people take

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