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believe everything
anybody says.
You were told that Dolokhov
was my lover, and you believed it.
What did you prove by doing this?
What could you prove with this duel?
That you are a fool?
But everyone already knew that.
Now all this'll end up in my being
the laughing stock of Moscow.
And everyone
will be able to say
that you had drunk so much
that you challenged a man
of whom you were jealous
for no reason
and who, in every way,
is a better man than you are.
What ever made you think
that he was my lover?
Because I've enjoyed his company?
If you hadn't been so dull
I might have enjoyed yours more.
Will you stop speaking? Please.
Why should I stop speaking?
I'm going to say outright
that there isn't another woman
who married to such a husband
wouldn't have taken several lovers.
And I've never had any.
I think we had better separate.
Separate? Only on the condition
that you give me a fortune.
Separate! Don't you think
you can frighten me!
I'm going to kill you!
Get out!
Go upstairs to Maria Bogdanovna
and just say to her:
"The Prince has sent me
to ask how she is?"
Then come back and tell me
what she says.
You can tell His Highness that
labor has started.
According to a popular belief,
the fewer people know about
the suffering of a woman in labor
the less is her suffering.
Everyone pretended
to be unaware of it.
Nobody spoke about it,
but everyone in the house wore
a common stamp of worry,
of soft-heartedness
and of knowing that something
momentous and incomprehensible
was happening at that time.
If God is merciful,
no doctor would be needed.
Princess, someone is coming.
Up the driveway, with lanterns
lighted. Must be the doctor.
Thank God!
I'll go out to meet him.
He doesn't speak Russian.
- Is the Princess well?
- Very well.
No, it can't be!
It would be so incredible!
There is a kind fate!
Masha, my dear!
Oh, darling...
God is merciful.
She was not surprised
at seeing him there.
She didn't understand
that he had returned.
His coming had nothing to do
with her agony,
nor with its relief.
No, you're not allowed in.
Why have they taken
a baby in there?
Why a baby?
Has a baby been born?
I loved you all.
I did no harm to anyone.
And now what have you done
to me? What have you done?
Oh, what have you done to me?
And why?
I can't begin to tell you what
I've been through since then.
Yes, we have all changed
a great deal.
- What are your plans?
- My plans? What can I say?
But why aren't you serving
in the army?
After Austerlitz?
No, thank you very much.
If Bonaparte were here,
near Smolensk,
I wouldn't serve in our army
even then.
- Did you hear about the duel?
- You had to go through that too.
The one thing I thank God for
is he wasn't killed.
Why? Killing a mad dog
is a good thing.
It's evil to kill a man.
It's wrong.
But why is it wrong?
It's not up to men to judge
what is right and what is wrong.
Men will always be wrong,
and never so wrong
as when they decide
what's right and wrong.
Anything that does harm to
another man is wrong.
How can you be sure what will
do harm to another man?
Personally, I know of only two
real evils in life:
Remorse and sickness.
And happiness is the absence
of those two evils.
To live for one's self in such a way
as to avoid these two evils
is my whole philosophy now.
But how can anyone live for
himself alone?
No, no, I couldn't live like that.
I'm feeling
deep in my heart
that I'm part
of this vast, harmonious whole.
I feel that not only
I cannot disappear,
as nothing disappears in this world,
but I have been
and will be forever.
This is Herder's philosophy. But
it's not going to convince me.
Life and death
are the only convincing things.
I'm only convinced when I've seen
someone who's dear to me,
who's close to me,
toward whom I behaved wrongly
and still hoped to make it right,
all of a sudden suffering terrible
pain and breathing her last.

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