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have one home. Let's go?
Come in
My husband is a medical officer
He always amputates something 24/7
Or else he is on assignments all the time
I have very much free time
So it won't cause me any trouble
Give me your hand
Firstly we should wipe it off
Does it hurt?
Does it burn?
It must be disinfected.
Otherwise you can have tetanus.
What is it?
Tetanus. Well... It is.. when.. huummm
Well I don't know actually but it's something very... dangerous
who's there?
Call the military man
There is no such person here
I'm telling you to call!
Do you speak Russian or what?!
Tell him his boy has climed onto fire-escape
and he can't get down!
He should go quickly otherwise we will
call his mother, do you understand?
Oh no
Don't worry. I will be careful
Here he is! Look!
What's up dupe.
Maybe I should leave you like this, huh?
You should walk only under escort
Hang on boy
Mother will stick the shipr in both of us
What are you doing here?
We are going to bath-house
Come on. Take the bast whisp and rub your ass
Look how I do it
You are a normal man
If you will be brave and your's will grow
Let me pour water over
And the time when you wet yourself.
Just forget about it
It may happen to anyone
Once I was pissing blood uder myself for 3 days
-With blood?
-With blood
I was kicked by 5 people right in my kidneys
There was a time
They kicked me here, here, and here,
they have broken my webbing
but I kept silence. Understand?
I didn't say nothing
I only spent 3 days laying in my blood like a stabbed wild-boar
Remember, dupe, you can wet yourself even 100 times
but then win. Understand?
Good boy
Sanya, come on bring us some beer quickly. Go.
Hey men I am so lucky today
Do you want cracker?
Leave it to yourself
You just look! Again ten and ace of spades. Incredible
Wait a minute.
I also have ace of spades
What are doing!?
Two men are fighting there.
-Your ID comrade capitan.
-It's ok
Stop, stop.
-Your ID!
-What's up guys?
I said your ID!
Come on! Check it!
I was burning in a tank in the Kursk Arc
and I was picking up my intestine near Konnensberg...
...and after this you  are asking my ID rat?!
Watch your arms!
-Come on!
-Stop it!
Come on!
You want my ID bitch?
Here is my ID!
Here is the person I will show my ID to!
-Let him go. We are only losing our time.
-Where are you going?!
...my ID
Always bring salt with you in a pocket.
It may help.
This our neighbour Rosa L'vovna.
Sit down please.
Let's go.
Come on Sanya climb.
I'll go next
You only need to open it, that's all.
Are we going to steal?
I said I have a mission
What mission?
Secret one
Go Voroshilovsky strelok
Sanya what's up?
Do you shit yourself?
I hope you are not a girl Natasha
or should I tie you a bow?
I am not a girl and I do not shit myself!
Good boy!
Hurry. We don't have much time
Don't be afraid Sanya we can make it
I won't go there
We are thieves
We will go to jail.
What is wrong with you? Huh?
Have you eaten to much or slept not enough, dupe?
Who are thieves?
Do you know who my daddy is fighting against?
What daddy? Stalin?
He is fighting against enemies.
Enemy lives there.
What enemy? A spy?
I have an order and you are afraid.
Who are you then?
Maybe their accomplice?
Word of honor I'm not a accomplice!
Then prove it!
Prove it
Prove that you are a soviet boy.
I want to piss
What! You are brave! You can make it!
The latch.
The latch
Pull it out!
Pull it out otherwise I can't get you back!
Do you understand?
Just do it, damn!
Pull out or they will find you and shoot you!
But I can't do it!
I said do it!
Pull out bastard!
I'll go and look for him
-Could you please sit
-I'm sorry
Thank you for watching over
You are welcome
Where is my boy?
Daddy took him
He told that you must wait
for them on a railway station
Thank you

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