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Вооружён и опасен

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on, come on.
Absolutely not. No.
Frank? No.
Come on, two more. Come on,
two more. Come on, dig.
- No, no.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Come on, come on, two more.
Come on. One more, one more.
Come on, be tough.
Okay. I'm not messing around.
Get in here. Now...
- ...who told you to send us to lunch?
- What are you talking about?
I can't hold it, Frank.
- No upper-body strength.
- Hey, man, I don't know anything.
- It's slipping.
- Goodbye, flathead.
All right, all right! O'Connell...
...he phoned me, man, told me
to send y'all to lunch. I swear!
All right, let him go.
I suggest we move.
Come on!
Both of you, get out.
There weren't enough
good-looking women for us here.
- And there's no pool, so--
- Look, you heard what she said. Out.
Hey, girls, stop those two guys!
Get them, girls.
Dooley! Dooley!
Dooley, I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna--!
I'm gonna kill you, man!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
You wait, you wait!
You're dead!
Freeze, or I'll feed you to the fish.
- Oh, Frank Dooley.
- How's it going, Cappy?
Okay. How you doing, big guy?
Good to see you.
You're looking good.
- You're looking good yourself.
- This is Norm.
- Norm, Cappy.
- Hey, how you doing?
- Cappy.
- How's the fishing?
- No bites yet, Frank.
- Anybody using this?
- No, go ahead, have some fun.
- You don't mind?
- You wanna fish?
- No, I don't fish.
How you been doing?
I heard you got kicked off the force.
Yeah, you heard right.
You hear about a guy
named Michael Carlino?
Now, that depends on who's asking.
Oh, maybe a guy named
Andrew Jackson.
Hey, come on, you know
I can't take money from you.
I was hoping you'd say that.
- But I'll take it from him.
- Great. Pay the man.
There you go.
Now, about Michael Carlino.
Carlino is heavy. I mean, bigtime.
It's organized guys like him that ran
us independents out of business.
What business is that, Cappy?
I only talk to Andrew Jackson.
The question was,
what business is that?
- Theft.
- You're a thief?
- Retired.
- Not from where I'm standing.
- Lighten up. He's trying to help us out.
- It's cost me a week's pay.
Well, you're insulting him,
and you're embarrassing yourself.
- Hey, I got something.
- What is it?
A shark. I got a shark!
I got a shark!
Out of the way! Shark!
- He's got a shark!
- Shark!
Get out of my way, will you?
Will you get out of my way?
Come on, I got a shark here.
You're crossing my lines.
Would you pull your--?
Will you--? I got a shark!
I've never had one--
Come on. My foot.
Hey, get out of my face, will you?
Let me--
I got a shark here!
That's my line!
Will you let go of my line?
All right, get back! Get back!
I got a gun!
I got him. I got him.
Take a look at this.
What is it?
Now, that's fishing.
It's nice of you to stop by,
but I'm in a hurry.
I have to go to Michael Carlino's
party tonight, so...
- What did you wanna talk to me about?
- Frank?
- Go ahead.
- I'm not gonna ask her.
- You ask.
- You said you wanted to talk.
- Well, maybe I changed my mind.
- I don't care.
- You wanted-- This is your idea.
- Why don't I go get ready...
...while you guys
work this out, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Why don't you just ask her,
you little ferret. Go on.
What, do I have to do everything?
Maggie, what do you know
about Michael Carlino?
Not much, really. I know he lent
my father some money...
...about two years ago
to start Guard Dog.
And he owns some
of the properties we protect.
Why? Are you still worried
about this union thing?
No. No, no.
Have there been a lot of burglaries
over the last couple of years?
Oh, I don't know. I've only been here
for the last six months.
- I got divorced, and I needed a job.
- Get up. What are you doing?
And my father asked me
to come work for him...
...until I got back on my feet.
Norman, what is this
all about, anyway?
We have reason to believe that
your father and Michael
Вооружён и опасен Вооружён и опасен

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