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thought I'd say hello.
Do you fellas have an invoice
for this shipment?
You're kidding, right?
A bill of lading, perhaps?
Look, Kane.
We got special permission
to take this stuff.
Well! So you say.
But I gotta check it out
back at the office.
You couldn't be that stupid.
Oh, I don't know.
I think I could be.
- Yes?
- Absolutely.
Wait a minute.
I'm warning you.
You guys are asking
for big trouble.
Frank, come in.
I'm being chased.
Two men in ski masks.
Help. Help.
Frank, I'm in the loading dock area.
Come in.
You made me run.
I hate running.
I'm gonna level with you.
Take whatever you want.
I don't care.
I'm not a company man.
Oh, you don't need those.
You don't need those. You shoot me,
you're gonna have guilt.
- You're dead meat, pal.
- Oh, God.
Holy shit.
Guard Dog Security.
Respond, please.
You two are doing...
...a great job.
I'm gonna kill those guys.
- Anthony, let's go.
- Get in the truck, we're leaving.
Oh, you wanna play rough, do you?
All right, let's play rough. Come on.
Let that be a lesson to you,
you mutts.
I don't suppose
you can identify any of them?
Well, yeah, sure, I think it was
the U.S. Olympic downhill team.
I told you,
they were wearing ski masks.
How about you?
Can you describe any of them?
Sort of, except...
...for their heads.
There were two guys.
The big guy was...
...big. And the smaller guy was--
You're a regular Dick Tracy.
Well, I'm sorry, sir, I was scared. When
people are chasing you with guns...
...you don't stop and ask
how much they weigh.
Now, listen up and listen good.
Last night was a major disaster.
If you ever screw up like that again,
you're out. Do you hear me?
Out! And just so you don't forget...
...I'm fining each of you 100 bucks.
Now get out of here.
- Get out of here!
- Why, you...
Dooley, Kane.
What'd he say?
Are you in trouble?
No, no, he let us off with a fine
and some very bad breath.
We bust our asses for 4.60 an hour,
and he treats us like criminals!
I'm gonna complain to the union,
that's what I'll do, because it's not fair.
- That man is a jerk!
- And he's a subhuman, moronic...
- ...poop-head.
- He's my father.
Well, I'm sure he has
his good points.
- Sure he does. He's salt of the earth.
- Qualities of a saint at times.
- See you around.
- Okay.
Thank you very much.
Now she hates me. Thank you.
- You called him a poop-head.
- I don't wanna discuss it.
Is that what you say
when you get angry?
That the best you could
come up with? "Poop-head"?
- This is a mistake.
- Why?
This is our union.
We have a legitimate grievance.
Forget legitimate, all right?
Take a look up there.
Brothers, with your kind permission.
I bet 50 bucks any of those guys...
...could tell you where
Jimmy Hoffa's body's buried.
All right, gentlemen, can we begin?
We'll dispense with the minutes
from the last meeting.
We'll open the floor to new business.
Let's hear it, new business.
Yes, Mr. Chairman,
my name is Norman Kane.
I'd like to file a grievance
against Guard Dog Security.
- What's your grievance?
- Don't do this.
My partner and I were fined $100 each
for something that was not our fault.
They were on the warehouse job
last night and screwed up.
This is about the
Carlex Pharmaceutical robbery, right?
Yes, it is.
Why don't you just
pay the fine and sit down.
- Any other new business?
- I'd like to file an appeal.
You can't file an appeal.
The board decision is final.
Excuse me,
but I didn't see the board vote.
They don't have to vote.
Could you respond to this?
There are approximately
5000 guards in this union...
...each paying $15 a week in dues...
...which amounts to roughly
$4 million a year.
Now, I would like to know,
what happens to that money?
That's a fiscal question,
and if we got a fiscal question...
...then I gotta call our treasurer,
Lou Brackman. Lou, tell him.
Just a


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