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you ready?
- We're ready.
- So, what are you hauling?
- Rocket fuel.
Oh, perfect.
There they are.
Hard left!
Oh, Frank.
Hey, I told you I'd be here.
You didn't tell me they'd be using
guided missiles.
All right. So there were
a few flaws in my plan.
A few flaws?
- I'm sorry about your truck.
- It's all in a day's work.
- Hey, nice attitude.
- Look!
- I'm gonna kill those guys!
- Run them down.
All right, slim.
They're gonna feel
that in the morning.
Freeze. This is a citizen's arrest.
Give me that.
I'm an attorney. Give me a call.
Slim, you think I could get me
one of them?
Hell, thanks for the lift.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- It's been a hoot, slim.
- All right. Take care.
I hope you got a permit
for that fire, Dooley.
That's funny. Still got a good
sense of humour, captain.
- Captain, do you know my partner...?
- Cut the crap. What's this all about?
Not much, really.
Just that we're prepared to give
sworn testimony to a grand jury...
...concerning a criminal conspiracy
between Michael Carlino...
...a couple cops, various employees
of IMOC Industries.
And where is Michael Carlino now?
- Right here.
- Yeah, right here.
- Come on.
- Drop the gun.
I'll tell you anything you need
to know about him.
Get him out of here!
- You're gonna pay for this, Clarence.
- You're gonna pay!
You're gonna pay!
I'll be back!
It's your vendetta!
Dooley, you are a disgrace to this
or any other uniform, you know that?
So I guess we'll have to put you in
plain clothes when we bring you back.
You mean that? I'm back? Will that
involve a raise or a promotion?
Not a chance.
Yeah, you got quite a girl here,
Take your hands off her.
- Norm.
- Yeah.
Call me.
- You mean it?
- Yeah.
- So you're his partner.
- Yeah, that's right.
You interested in police work?
We could use a good man.
No, it's very flattering,
but I'm an attorney.
- He's interested.
- I'm not interested.
- You're gonna be a good cop.
- I'm not.
- A great cop.
- He's lost his marbles.
Why are you saying I wanna
be a cop?
Because you're gonna be a cop.
If I say you're gonna be a cop,
you'll be one.
Well, I'm sorry,
I don't wanna be a cop.

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