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- You're sick.
- Thank you.
- You're a sick man.
- Just check the door.
The cops are still out there.
- Do we really have time for this, Frank?
- It helps me think.
- It's all right, I got it.
- I got it.
- I got it, I got it.
- All right, all right, all right.
Here, grab a chair, grab a chair.
Hurry up. Get out of the way.
I think she likes me. Yeah.
- Frank, I've got an idea.
- Yeah, me too.
Wait, wait, give me a quarter.
- Give me a quarter! Dig, dig!
- All right, here. Easy. See a doctor.
Disgusting magazines.
I'm out of here.
- Lf you tell anyone about this...
- I'll send a postcard to my family.
- I'm just warning you, that's all.
- Let's go.
The guy is kind of a big blond guy.
He's kind of funny-looking.
The other one's dark,
curly hair, sort of ethnic.
Maybe you've seen
these guys around.
What are you looking at,
you schmuck?
Oh, isn't he cute?
And look at these muscles.
Get your hands off me.
I'm a police officer.
- He gets frisky when he sees a badge.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- What are you doing later on tonight?
Take a walk, you jerk.
- Let's trot.
- Why can't you look this good?
Mother Nature
wasn't kind to some of us.
- Move it.
- Oh, he touched me.
I got my Christmas goose early.
- Oh, aren't you the cheeky one.
- That's like the pot...
...calling the kettle black.
- Oh, is that a fact?
Hi, Maggie. Thanks for coming.
I'm sorry.
I came as soon as you called me.
I'm sorry.
You guys aren't hurt
or anything, are you?
No, not hurt, not hurt.
I'm a little upset.
I'm a little angry.
I'm tired of being shot at.
I'm tired of being treated
like a sexual object.
- I wish you listened to us yesterday.
- I'm sorry. I'm ready to listen now.
Okay? So, what's going on?
Carlino is hitting an armoured truck.
It carries the union's pension and
welfare money. Frank's got a plan.
- Give me the map.
- No.
- Give me the map.
- No.
Bend over.
Now, they're planning on hitting this
truck between here and Riverside.
But we're gonna nail them first,
right here at Seventh and Elm.
This is where you come in. You gotta
arrange that Norm is driving that truck.
He can lead Carlino's men
to our rendezvous point...
...where I'll catch them in the act.
- I'm driving the truck?
- Yeah, did I forget to mention that?
- Yes, you did forget.
I'm driving the truck? Sorry, it sounds
a little flaky now, you know?
This whole plan sounds dangerous.
I mean, what if you're not there,
Frank? Do you have a backup plan?
There's no backup plan, buddy boy.
This is it. I'll be there.
You see, the point is this: There's
good guys, and there's bad guys.
There's right, and there's wrong.
And there comes a time
in every man's life...
...when he's gotta take a stand.
And this time is now.
You're right. You're right.
- Well, count me in.
- Thanks, Maggie.
- What about you? You all set?
- All set.
- Everything's in place.
- Okay, good.
But you gotta keep me informed.
I gotta know when it's over.
What's the matter with you, Clarence?
You got a problem?
I just don't want
any of our drivers hurt.
- You don't want any of our drivers...?
- Right.
What the hell is this?
A Holy Name Society
meeting or something?
Don't you get emotional
on me now, Clarence, eh?
You listen to me.
I warned you before.
Just do what I tell you,
because people might get hurt.
Including that daughter
of yours, right?
You understand what I mean?
- Yeah, I understand.
- You better.
You better understand what I mean.
Get his ass out of here.
Gentlemen, there's been a change.
I'm taking you off
the armoured car run.
But Captain O'Connell told us
not to screw up.
Yes, that's why I'm taking you off.
Better safe than sorry.
Yes, you're right.
Oh, that figures.
Hey, you driving this thing?
- That's right.
- I'd hate to be in your shoes, pal.
Biggest shipment we've ever had.
Might as well paint "hit me"
on the side of this truck.
Well, nice


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