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Continues ]
He's been missing fully--
Hey! You!
I got him! I got him!
[ Laughs ]
Where is he?
Where's who?
Don't give me any lip, you snot!
I've been followin' you
across two states.
I'm bein' paid to bring
your little brainless brother back.
Now point him out!
Mister,you'll find your other son
in the arcade.
I hate you!
[ Woman Chattering On P.A.]
[ Coins Clatter]
Got you,Jimmy boy.
Time to go home, son.
We're too late.
[ Screams ]
He touched my breast!
What the hell are you doin'?
No. I--
Put the kid down.
No. I-- I didn't touch anything!
You can't--
You can't have the kid.
The kid is--What are you--
I got a letter of custody for that kid
right here in my pocket!
What are you doing?
Put me down!
[ Woman On P.A.]
Paging Mr.Johnny Love.
Mr.Johnny Love
to the white courtesy telephone, please.
Jimmy, are you okay? Are you okay?
[ Haley ]
Come on. We can't stay here.
Where the hell are we, Haley?
My home.
Your home?
Nice place.
[ Hammering ]
Hey, Pop, I think we got it.
Wait a second.
[ Video Game Beeping ]
I'm in the sixth palace of Hyrule.
Oop. Yeah!
I got past the River Devil.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Beeping Stops ]
What the hell are you doin'?
I had the magic key. I got the cross.
I was closin' in on the Barbarian!
You're losin' it, Pop.
Let's get in the car, huh?
[ Exhales ]
Jimmy's out cold
in the house.
[ Bird Calls In Distance ]
So you always, uh,
sit up here on the roof?
It's better than being inside.
Look. I know how I told you
I lived in some great place,
so don't be rubbing it in.
- I didn't say anything.
- It ain't my fault.
And it ain't my dad's.
My mom--
she had this little problem.
That's how I learned about craps.
I thought, maybe when...
my-- my dad got home
tomorrow night from work,
we'd have won.
Call him up from L.A. and say,
"Dad, guess what?
We can buy a house now.''
Geez, listen to me.
I even sound like a dork.
Yeah. Yeah, you know, it's like--
it's like the Adventures of Link.
He has to find Zelda,
you have to find a house--
same difference.
Boy, is that sexist.
It's not sexist.
It's romantic.
I know what you were gonna do,
and you can just forget about it.
There is no way!
I am not kissing a boy.
A girl maybe?
You smart-ass.
[ Corey Clears Throat ]
[ Corey Sighs ]
[ Haley Giggles ]
Yeah, Information.
I'm lookin' for a... Brooks, Reno.
B-R, double " O,'' K-S.
I touched her breast.
She doesn't have any breasts.
No, it's a Haley Brooks.
All right.Just give me all three.
All right. Yeah, look.
What I really need here
is an address. Okay.
Jimmy, time to get up.
[Jimmy In Distance ]
- What?
- [Jimmy Yelling, Muffled ]
Come on.
[ Continues Yelling ]
Jimmy! Stop!
[ Engine Cranking, Starts ]
Jimmy! Hey!
[ Haley ]
He's gone.
He's gone. It's over!
Just tell me the truth, Corey.
Did he really have a chance?
Yeah. No, I--
I don't know.
Look. I've never seen
anyone better, not even--
Not even Lucas?
Yeah. Not even Lucas.
Hey, where you goin'?
You think I don't have friends?
I got friends.
Friends? Haley!
[ Metal Scraping Continues ]
[ Putnam Chuckling ]
Hey. Hey!
Hey! Sit down and shut up.
[ Chuckles ]
You just made me some money,
space case.
Here, have a sucker.
Look. Look, kid, you just do
like your Uncle Putnam tells ya,
or else it's gonna be a very long ride home.
[ Scraping Continues ]
What the hell is that?
- [ Screams ]
- [ Tires Screech ]
Hey! What the hell are you doin'?
You're blockin' the road, guys.
[ Air Brakes Hiss ]
[ Door Slams ]
All right. I want all
of your driver's license numbers!
Everyone of ya.
I want your driver's license numbers!
So you touched her breasts, huh?
Oh, my God.
All right. All right. Let's not
lose our tempers. It's very hot--
[ Punch Lands ]
[ Haley ]
Come on, Spanky.
Faster, faster!
I'm already in a world of
Волшебник Волшебник

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