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Have you seen 'em?
Does he dress like you?
Well, then he couldn't be
too much of a case, all right?
That's very funny.
All right, now listen up, fruit fly.
It's time to get real.
Two kids...
one is nine, one is 13,
there's a girl with 'em...
and they've been
hangin' out in arcades...
have you seen them?
I wouldn't tell you if I knew.
Where the hell are we?
That son of a bitch!
Oh, geez!
What the hell are you doing? God!
Whoo! Whoo!
- Sorry about that.
- Woods! You maniac!
I'm gonna sue! Do you hear me?
I'm gonna sue your ass when this is over!
You make money off little kids,
you miserable jerk!
You oughta be shot!
- What are you doin'?
- [Yelps]
Do you want some more, huh?
I don't think he does.
He's had plenty.
Son of a bitch!
I told you to stay
out of my way, Woods!
You chickenshit!
[Metal Scraping]
Ah, hell.
So this is where you live.
It's got some charm,
you think?
Okay. We got three days
to get him good at every game
they could possibly throw at him.
- Are you kidding me? I mean, there
must be 70 games he's never played.
- Trust me.
Now look.
This is gonna take a lot of quarters.
I gotta find someone--
a friend of my dad's.
He's a trucker. His name is Spanky.
The pass line!
Spanky, the pass line!
The pass line!
Pay 12. Pass 12.
Five on the pass line.
[ Stickman ]
It's coming out again.
Do or don't pass.
Oh, craps 12!
- Once more! Once more!
- On the pass line.
- [ Onlookers Cheer ]
- Winner! Seven!
Put it on the field!
Put it on the field!
On the field.
Put it on the field. Put it on the field.
[ Stickman Chattering ]
[ Stickman ]
Coming out again.
They're comin'out. Watch your hands.
- Nine!
- Whoo! All right!
Okay, hard eight.
Spanky, hard eight.
I want a hard eight.
Hard eight.
Hard eight for the money.
Hard eight. Need a hard eight.
Comin' in.
Roll that eight now.
Eight's the line.
- Winner!
- [ Onlookers Cheer]
Hard eight!
We won! We won!
We won?
Haley, we won?
[ Woman On P.A.]
Paging Mr. V.
What'd I do?
What'd I do?
Get outta here.
Can't be bettin' with kids.
400 bucks. We're in fat city!
Oh, and, Spank,
here's your 10.
Ten bucks?
[ Quietly ]
[ Chuckles ]
Okay, level seven?
Let me get my book.
[ Representatives Chattering ]
Hi. This is Karen
with Nintendo Game Play Counsel.
We have new games.
[ Male Representative ]
All you gotta do is wait
until the thing lights up. Uh-huh.
Here you go.
[ Phone Rings ]
Nintendo Game Playing, this is Rick.
How can I help you?
Hi. My name is Haley, and I've got
a wizard who's going all the way
to the championships in Los Angeles.
Is that so?
All I need is a little help.
Okay, let's start with Simon's Quest.
Okay, now where exactly
are you in the game?
** [ Synthesizer Pop ]
[ Woman On P.A.] Miss Laurie Stevenson,
will you please meet at the dance floor.
Miss Laurie Stevenson.
[ Girl ]
Candy bars, bubble gum, licorice.
Hey, babe.
* Everybody loves to feel the beat *
And, uh, keep the change.
* From Malibu to 42nd Street *
* I like to groove no matter where I am *
* From Detroit City down to Alabam *
Hey, not bad. Not bad.
* It has moved me heart and soul *
* And so I do believe *
-* It's a whole philosophy to me *
- Okay. Wait, can you say that
one more time?
* I live by the groove *
Now-- Okay. Watch out
for those flying fireballs.
* I live by the groove
If I can't feel it, baby, I can't move *
-* I live by the groove *
- All right. Good.
* I live by the groove *
Get that. Get that.
Over there. Over there.
* If I can hear it, baby, I can't lose *
[ Game Beeping ]
* A good groove will turn your head around *
I know I have it around here somewhere.
Um, Elastic Maniac--
-* Lifts you up
when you're feelin'down *
- [ Screams ]
* Gets your body movin'into gear*
* That's why the world's been turnin'
all these years *
* It ain't written in the

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