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according to this...
we're in Goblin Valley.
I mean... I mean...
I mean, it couldn't be Happy Valley
or Wonderful Valley.
Goblin Valley.
Why not Ax Murderer's Valley? Hmm.
[Coyote Howls]
There's a bench outside.
The bus'll be here any minute.
Now stay here for a minute.
[Coins Clinking]
Well, go ahead. Play.
Two tickets to California, please.
You got someplace specific in mind,
or would you just like
to be dumped at the border?
Is Los Angeles specific enough?
That's $226.
Well, we only have $27.30.
Where does that get us?
Nowhere. It's $34
just to Saint George, Utah.
That's it?
[Man On Radio] Hey, Scotty, some of
those high school kids are up on the ridge
throwin' rocks at the highway again.
Chase 'em on home,
will you? Over.
[Game Beeps]
You got 50,000 on Double Dragon?
[Car Door Closes]
Hey, Chester.
Hi, Mike.
[Mike] Here's Mrs. Johnson's
complaints this month.
[Chester] Not again.
How'd you do it?
You only played for five minutes.
How the hell did you get 50,000
on Double Dragon?
I never got 50,000 on Double Dragon.
How'd you do it?
[Coins Clinking]
Hi. I'm Haley.
If you don't tell me
what you're doing,
I'm gonna scream.
- Uh, could you scream quietly?
- What, do you think I'm stupid?
I saw you look at that cop.
What's his problem?
He's just... shy.
Shy a few bricks I'd say.
No, he's okay.
He just kicked ass
on Double Dragon.
Get out of here. Him?
Yeah. He could wax your tail.
No way.
- Wanna bet?
- How much?
I don't have $6.70.
Well, that's okay, 'cause, uh,
you got a bus ticket.
- You could cash it in.
- [Vehicle Arriving]
[Game Beeping]
Let's see him beat that.
Come on, Jimmy.
What is he, some kind
of freak or somethin'?
That's it.
[Vehicle Horn Honks]
Two tickets to Saint George.
You conned me.
I didn't. I won the bet.
Give me that money.
Great! Great.
Now I'm stuck here.
[Game Beeping]
Hey. Hey.
Where the hell are we?
Ohh! What is that, doughnuts?
Yeah. So?
It's disgusting.
From the guy who steals my pickup
and stays up drinkin',
the guy with the foul mouth,
that's a compliment.
Where are we?
We're supposed to be headin' west.
That's the direction
the cupcake truck went.
We're headin' west.
[Chuckles] Wait a second.
We're not headin' west.
We're headin' south.
What the hell have you been doing?
I've been drivin'
the whole damn night.
I must have stopped 50 times
and asked about where those kids are.
Come on.
Oh, Jesus.
We're on the other side
of the canyons, man. Turn around.
Gimme that thing.
- Pop! Pop!
- Huh?
- [Horn Honking]
- Get over!
What are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
Look at him. He's making thejump,
it's his second time through...
and he hasn't even
taken a hit yet.
- He's a wizard.
- So he can play Ninja Gaiden?
So what?
So I got an idea.
If he can beat me,
why can't he beat
any old video head?
We could pick up
some loose change.
Are you kidding me? That's warped.
The kid's a natural.
A genius. A pro.
He picks it up like lint.
Why do you want to
haul him off to California?
I got it.
You want to go to California,
and you want to prove thatJimmy
doesn't belong in a home.
Do you think they'd put him
in a home after he'd won this?
A video game contest?
Haley, he's...
He's what?
Too crazy?
Too stupid?
He's sure not the genius you are...
trying to get to California on 27 bucks.
You don't believe
in him yourself.
What does this matter to you anyway?
It's a business deal.
If I can get you to California
and he wins, we split the money.
Do you think I'd hang around
a pair like you for my health?
Hey, sweetheart,
I'm lookin' for some kids.
[Vehicle Arrives]
- [Nick] Pop, I'm starving!
- [Woods] We'll get 'em in the next town.
[Air Hissing]
- [Pops]
- Whoo!
- Hey!
- Now I warned you! This is

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