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- [ Onlookers Cheer]
Hard eight!
We won! We won!
We won?
Haley, we won?
[ Woman On P.A.]
Paging Mr. V.
What'd I do?
What'd I do?
Get outta here.
Can't be bettin' with kids.
400 bucks. We're in fat city!
Oh, and, Spank,
here's your 1 0.
Ten bucks?
[ Quietly ]
[ Chuckles ]
Okay, level seven?
Let me get my book.
[ Representatives Chattering ]
Hi. This is Karen
with Nintendo Game Play Counsel.
We have new games.
[ Male Representative ]
All you gotta do is wait
until the thing lights up. Uh-huh.
Here you go.
[ Phone Rings ]
Nintendo Game Playing, this is Rick.
How can I help you?
Hi. My name is Haley, and I've got
a wizard who's going all the way
to the championships in Los Angeles.
Is that so?
All I need is a little help.
Okay, let's start with Simon's Quest.
Okay, now where exactly
are you in the game?
** [ Synthesizer Pop ]
[ Woman On P.A.] Miss Laurie Stevenson,
will you please meet at the dance floor.
Miss Laurie Stevenson.
[ Girl ]
Candy bars, bubble gum, licorice.
Hey, babe.
* Everybody loves to feel the beat *
And, uh, keep the change.
* From Malibu to 42nd Street *
* I like to groove no matter where I am *
* From Detroit City down to Alabam *
Hey, not bad. Not bad.
* It has moved me heart and soul *
* And so I do believe *
-* It's a whole philosophy to me *
- Okay. Wait, can you say that
one more time?
* I live by the groove *
Now-- Okay. Watch out
for those flying freballs.
* I live by the groove
If I can't feel it, baby, I can't move *
-* I live by the groove *
- All right. Good.
* I live by the groove *
Get that. Get that.
Over there. Over there.
* If I can hear it, baby, I can't lose *
[ Game Beeping ]
* A good groove will turn your head around *
I know I have it around here somewhere.
Um, Elastic Maniac--
-* Lifts you up
when you're feelin'down *
- [ Screams ]
* Gets your body movin'into gear*
* That's why the world's been turnin'
all these years *
* It ain't written in the statute books *
* It can't be learned in school *
* It's the law, baby
That's the golden rule *
* I live by the groove *
Hello. Hi.
* I live by the groove
If I can't feel it, baby, I can't move *
* I live by the groove *
* I live by the groove *
* If I can hear it, baby, I can't lose *
* Hey *
-* Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *
- Super Mario Brothers 2.
* I live by the groove *
Then you're starting out
from dungeon square two.
* If I can't feel it, baby *
* Well, I can't move *
* I live by the groove *
* I live by the groove *
* If I can hear it baby, I can't--**
No. Mrs. Bateman,
as soon as I know where they are,
you'll be the frst to know.
Y-You-- Mrs. Bateman,
you forgot to tell me
that your ex-husband is a maniac.
You know, children are one thing,
but with maniacs, I get more.
No, they're crisscrossin'
around the state. They--
They're playin' video games.
No, I--Yeah, I don't--
Oh, shit!
Good, you see?
The best food at the airport.
They'd never come to a place like this.
What the hell's wrong
with this place?
No-- Mrs. Bateman,
I'm gonna have to call you back.
[ Vehicle Engine Starts ]
[ Truck Departs ]
Hey, buddy.
You wanna make a quick 50?
If you have to, we'll get it to go.
[ Sighs ]
I don't wanna get that to go.
Hi. Eggs, soda,
with some fries, please, medium.
To go.
No, no. Not to go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're sitting here.
Uh, excuse me.
[ Woods ]
I'm lookin'for two kids: one about this tall,
the other one about here.
A hat.
[ Waitress ]
Mister, we got 'em in all sizes.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Mind if I ask you
where you got that hat?
Yeah, I mind.
I got it from a moron.
What's that?
Nice hat.
[ Laughs ]
Where'd you get that hat, huh?
[ Scoffs ]
Couple of kids.
They owe me some cash.
Where'd they go?
- Who knows?
- [ Chuckles ]
Hey! I'll tell you
where they were goin:
Los Angeles!
What kind of a crazy idea
has that kid got?

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