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our half brother,
he doesn't matter, right?
Enjoy your casserole.
Leave me alone.
Why do you keep doin' this
to yourself? It's been two years.
Yeah, what do you care?
Why don't you and I just go
over to the Dairy Queen, huh?
We'll kick back a couple.
Come on, it's on me.
You didn't even care about him
when you had the chance.
All you care about is yourself.
What bothers me is that you
seem to have no respect for me...
or no appreciation
for living in this house!
What do you care about
what I do anyway?
Jimmy's in a home and you don't care.
If Mom was still here, she'd be...
[Man] Don't you tell me what
I care about, young man.
You don't care about us!
[Both Shouting, Indistinct]
[Man] You steal my pickup
and now you're drinking,
and I don't like it!
[Nick] A bunch?
I went out a few times.
Oh, you went out a few times.
[Shouting Continues]
[Man] You have no sense
of responsibility for this house!
[Nick] I do.
For you to carry out
the trash is a big deal!
[Shouting Continues, Indistinct]
South Dakota.
- [Man] Wash my truck
every once in a while.
- Arkansas.
Come on. Let's go.
[TV: Indistinct]
[Man On TV]
...Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
Just as those caribou
were once in trouble,
so now are the largest members
of the deer family.
[TVContinues, Indistinct]
[Man On TV]
...especially the calves during
the first few months oflife...
when they're preyed upon by wolves
who roam this region in packs.
[Man #2 On TV]
The signal from the collar
is monitored daily.
If the calf stops moving
for two hours,
a change becomes evident in the signal,
indicating death has occurred.
- [Continues]
- Jimmy.
Jimmy, we're gonna
do a little traveling...
just you and me.
What do you think?
- California?
- Yeah.
[Man #1 On TV]
Now we'll follow the calf to make certain
he gets back to his mother.
Yeah, California.
Come on.
[Man #1 On TV]
They're together again.
Do you like chocolate?
Good. Get in.
You understand, Mr. Woods,
we don't have the manpower
to be pursuin' runaways,
even if the one boy
is handicapped.
Hey, look, he's not handicapped.
Whatever he is.
They were seen hopping a truck.
Uh, can we get to the, uh...
the point here?
Woods, your son, Corey,
has taken Jimmy.
They're both my sons.
Oh. Okay. Okay...
[Clears Throat]
For the record, your two sons,
one of whom I am legally
responsible for,
have decided to eat their way across...
I don't see why we're
standin' here talkin' about it.
Because you are
missing the point.
I have an obligation to
the welfare of this child.
I have to see that he is
returned here for the kind
of treatment he needs.
Now, granted, the police are looking.
We've hired someone
to find him...
Mr. Putnam.
Mr. Putnam retrieves runaways...
He's going to
bring back Jimmy.
What about Corey?
Well, Corey, uh, wants to
run away, doesn't he?
I mean, even if we brought him back,
would it do any good?
You know, Bateman, I, uh...
I always knew that you were a jerk.
[Door Closes]
I just, until now, thought
it was guilt by association.
[Door Closes]
I want to go with you.
Forget it. You can get
a ride back with Bateman.
I don't think so.
Uh, Mr. Woods. Excuse me.
Just so you know,
I make my money
by bringin' kids in,
and I don't make it
if someone else brings the kid in first.
You catch my drift?
So let's not be getting
in my way, okay?
Have a nice day.
We better drop by the house,
pick up some clothes.
End of the line, Ben?
Yeah, it's my last stop.
Come on.
Do you have to make
such a pig out of yourself?
Come on.
Stay there.
Hey! Jimmy!
Hey, wait up!
[Horn Honks]
How about that cupcake?
You got plenty ofTwinkies.
Personally, I'm a Ho Ho man myself.
How about you?
Okay. So,


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