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We gotta get out of here.
Come on, Jimmy.
Come on.
No, Jimmy!
Come on, Jimmy!
Come on!
Hey, boy! Hey! Hey!
Hey, you little jerk!
You took us for 20 bucks last night.
- Yeah, what of it?
- You didn't tell us this mutant
was some kind of pro.
Pro? My grandmother
could have taken you.
- Let's just dish it up,
all right, smart-ass?
- Hey, it was a fair bet.
- Let's see what
the little mutant's got.
- [Grunting]
Hey, leave him alone!
Give it back to him!
What the hell is this?
- Corey, give them the money.
- [Boy] Yeah.
This is for interest, dork.
You go ahead.
You have yourself a nice day.
Thanks, kids.
Thanks for the hat, moron!
What are they?
I always wondered
what he had in that thing.
It was her.
She was his twin sister.
They got down by the river,
Jimmy and her, and somehow
Jennifer got too close.
Jimmy couldn't swim,
so he was afraid.
It was weird,
'cause she didn't go downstream at all.
She just died...
in a few feet of water
right in front of him.
It was really hard forJimmy...
and for Nick.
Who's Nick?
My brother.
He was supposed to be
watching them for Christine.
Nick and Christine
didn't get along too well.
Because Christine
was my dad's second wife,
Jimmy and Jennifer,
we were their half brothers,
but Christine didn't really
see it that way.
AfterJennifer died, well...
everything just fell apart.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go fnd a telephone
and call my dad.
You're quitting?
You can't quit. Not now.
Look, the contest is in three days,
and he hasn't even learned
half the games Lucas has.
I mean, look at him.
It's over, Haley.
You're a quitter, Corey.
And I don't care if you did like me.
Your attitude sucks.
- You wanted me to like you?
- Not anymore.
Corey, I don't wanna quit.
You want to play?
He wants to play!
We're not quitting here, okay?
All right, I'm looking
for a couple of kids.
This one's a mental case.
Have you seen 'em?
Does he dress like you?
Well, then he couldn't be
too much of a case, all right?
That's very funny.
All right, now listen up, fruit fly.
It's time to get real.
Two kids...
one is nine, one is 13,
there's a girl with 'em...
and they've been
hangin' out in arcades...
have you seen them?
I wouldn't tell you if I knew.
Where the hell are we?
That son of a bitch!
Oh, geez!
What the hell are you doing? God!
Whoo! Whoo!
- Sorry about that.
- Woods! You maniac!
I'm gonna sue! Do you hear me?
I'm gonna sue your ass when this is over!
You make money off little kids,
you miserable jerk!
You oughta be shot!
- What are you doin'?
- [Yelps]
Do you want some more, huh?
I don't think he does.
He's had plenty.
Son of a bitch!
I told you to stay
out of my way, Woods!
You chickenshit!
[Metal Scraping]Ah, hell.
So this is where you live.
It's got some charm,
you think?
Okay. We got three days
to get him good at every game
they could possibly throw at him.
- Are you kidding me? I mean, there
must be 7 0 games he's never played.
- Trust me.
Now look.
This is gonna take a lot of quarters.
I gotta find someone--
a friend of my dad's.
He's a trucker. His name is Spanky.
The pass line!
Spanky, the pass line!
The pass line!
Pay 1 2. Pass 1 2.
Five on the pass line.
[ Stickman ]
It's coming out again.
Do or don't pass.
Oh, craps 1 2!
- Once more! Once more!
- On the pass line.
- [ Onlookers Cheer ]
- Winner! Seven!
Put it on the feld!
Put it on the feld!
On the feld.
Put it on the feld. Put it on the feld.
[ Stickman Chattering ]
[ Stickman ]
Coming out again.
They're comin'out. Watch your hands.
- Nine!
- Whoo! All right!
Okay, hard eight.
Spanky, hard eight.
I want a hard eight.
Hard eight.
Hard eight for the money.
Hard eight. Need a hard eight.
Comin' in.
Roll that eight now.
Eight's the line.


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