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On P.A.]
Warning. Video Armageddon...
will begin in T-minus 15 minutes
and counting.
[ Chuckles ]
Mr. Bateman.
Mr. Putnam, my son has been on the road
for almost nine days now.
- You said you'd have him back in hours.
- All right, look. I'm glad you're here.
I'm glad you made it.
He's here. Believe me.
With all due respect, Mr. Bateman,
I've had a bitch of a time--
excuse my language--
and I'd rather not have
anything else go wrong.
I mean, it's so unfair.
How can they give us a new game?
A new game.
Hey, Lucas, man, that was great.
You're gonna rip their gizzards out, man.
Yeah, yeah. Look, dork lips,
why don't you just make yourself useful
and get me a cold drink?
Hey. Hey, you--
you in the black shirt!
Up here!
Up on the steps!
Look! Hey, you!
Up here!
Hey! They're down there.
Over there!
[ Lucas ]
Hey! They're down there.
It's him.
[ Gasps ]
It's Jimmy! It's Jim--
[ Corey ]
Come on!
Uh, stop eating!
Where are the goin'?
[ Haley ]
Come on!
[ Corey, Haley ]
Wait! Wait!
Go,Jimmy, go!
Hurry up. Close it!
Hey, watch where you're goin'!
Let me go, man!
Let me go!
- [ Haley Screams ]
- Come here!
[ Putnam ]
Stop those--
Get outta my way.
[ Woman ]
Where's your mother?
[ Growling, Babbling ]
Watch your mouth.
[ Corey ] Come on,Jimmy!
Come on. Hurry up.
Wait a second. There they go right there.
Come on!
...other side of the tram you'll see--
- Hey!
- Paul Meiner's next motion picture
Mayhem in Monte Carlo,
starring Zsa Zsa Gabor
and Pee-wee Herman
in the romantic leads.
[ Haley ]
What do we do, Corey?
What do we do?
Come here! Stop those kids!
Come on. Come on.
Come on, Haley!
Give me the pail.
Jimmy, give me the pail.
Stop those kids!
Come here!
Hold this.
[ Tour Guide ]
The prop house over here,
where we contain most of the props--
[ Passengers Yelling, Chattering ]
Damn, that bastard!
What the hell
do we do now?
[ Breathing Heavily ]
Go this way, here.
- Come here! Come here! Hey!
- [ Flames Roaring ]
Come here,you little freak!
You maniac, what are you--
[ Flames Roaring ]
[ Yelping ]
What are you--
Right there.
Go! Go!
[ Putnam ]
Get that kid! Come here!
Come on!
Come here!
- [ Roaring ]
- [ Screaming ]
- Come here! Get off me!
- Come on! Come on!
What are you--
Get off!.
Ah! Ah!
You all right?
Please, sit down and have fun!Just--
Just sit down and have fun, damn it!
Are you okay? Face all right?
Yeah? You sure?
[ Roaring Continues ]
[ Corey ]
Come on. Come on!
Okay. Down here. Down here.
[ Machinery Whirring ]
[ Hydraulics Hissing ]
[ Haley ]
Hurry,Jimmy. Hurry!
Follow me,Jimmy.
[ Yelps ]
Wrong way! This way!
Over there, through the window.
Come on.
Come on,Jimmy.
Come on.
Where are we?
What is this? What is this?
The contest is about to start.
[ Crowd Cheering In Distance ]
Wait a minute. Haley, look down!
- [ Cheering Continues ]
- Where is he? Where's the little guy?
Where's the third?
It's time to go.
Woods. Woods--
[ Woman On P.A.] Warning.
Where is he?
I don't know.
There's your cue.
The option to override
emergency destruct...
has now expired.
Video Armageddon will begin
in T-minus two minutes and counting.
Our first contestant,
Mr. Lucas Barton from Nevada.
[ Crowd Chanting ]
Lucas! Lucas!
[ Boy ] Kick butt, Lucas!
[ Girl ]
I love you, Lucas!
[ Chanting Continues ]
- [ Woman On P.A.]
Ninety seconds.
- Hey! Hey, Lucas! Lucas, tell 'em to wait!
Tell 'em we're here! Lucas!
[ Haley ]
[ Clattering ]
He's coming!
Go! Run! Run!
[ Growls ]
[ Yelps ]
And our second contestant,
from the state of California,
the gorgeous Mora Grissom.
[ Crowd Cheers ]
[ Woman On P.A.]
Sixty seconds.
[ Corey Screams ]
Come on! Right here.
Come on,Jimmy!
Go, go!
Turn him over, you little snots!
He's mine.
[ Woman On P.A.]
Fifty seconds.
Ha! Stay back!
I'm a desperate man.


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