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Волшебная лампа Аладдина

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teach you how to ask
for Princess Boudour's hand!
l pray that's not the goat!
The lamp will be mine!
Oh, the brightest of all stars!
He flew away!
He's flown away!
- Where's Mubarak?
- Who has flown away?
What is the meaning of this?
Get me down from here!
What are you doing there?
Come down!
l can't! Get me down from here!
How did you climb up there?
Let him stay up there!
l'm stuck!
- Why did you climb up there?
- l didn't climb up there.
Everybody saw you up there!
Since you climbed up there,
you might as well say so.
Oh great Sultan, pardon
this foolish child!
lt is only because he's young
and has too much passion.
All right. We'll leave them
once more.
Stay here!
- What if he flies away again?
- Just let him try to.
Oh, heavenly one...
Oh, the brightest of all...
Good night, Boudour!
l'm the son of the Grand Vizier!
What a clever Genie!
What would the son of a vizier
be doing in a jar?
Make way for the Great Sultan!
So, whoever is stuffed in the jar
claims to be my son!
Who is in there?
Mubarak! ls that you?
- Get them all out of here!
- Get them out!
- Why did you get in the jar?
- l didn't.
Lousy liar!
Everyone saw you in thatjar.
Why did you stuff yourself
in there?
Whether or not he got in there
no longer interests us.
lf he prefers stuffing jars to
half my kingdom and my daughter,
just let him stuff them.
Announce it to all of Bagdad!
From this moment on, the son
of the Vizier and Princess Boudour
are no longer husband and wife!
ln ten thousand years
l haven't laughed so much!
Let's stuff someone else
into a jar!
Wait. We've other things to do.
Go away!
Because when l wake up and you're
not here, it will be so painful.
Let this dream go on and on...
l don't want to wake up.
lt's no dream.
l simply have a Genie friend.
Don't you believe me? Rub this.
Then it wasn't a dream,
but pure and simple magic?
- You can do anything?
- That's right!
You must swear it.
lt's you women who need to swear,
but we Genies
always speak the truth.
Well, then, bring me a peach.
So it was real!
l was not dreaming at all.
They have deceived me!
- What's all this for?
- The wedding!
- Whose wedding?
- Ours. Don't interefere.
- Salam.
- Salam.
What is all this?
- What does it mean?
- lt means you're sleeping.
- What d'you mean, l'm sleeping?
- They are sleeping, too.
And l'm too. We're all sleeping
and seeing a dream.
Now we'll have a wedding!
Here's my fiance!
You're in prison, aren't you?
Now you see it's just a dream!
Don't try to confuse us.
What says the Vizier?
- Let the Wiseman speak first.
- What says the Wiseman?
The realization of knowledge is
a sign of ignorance, and...
- But why me?
- And why me rather than you?
A goat!
Yes, a goat!
lt is my goat!
- Don't be afraid. lt's a dream.
- Let me explain it.
Don't be scared!
Everything's possible here!
We're just dreaming.
You understand? He doesn't!
Don't be afraid!
Look. l'm pushing you.
Now you push me!
That's right!
Be seated, honored guests.
After all, it's a wedding!
Look at him.
Where's he now? ln prison.
He's to be executed. Oh, when we
wake up, have him executed too.
And what is he now?
A bridegroom at his wedding.
He is happy!
And we are happy!
lsn't it swell to have a wedding!
When l married your father,
it was not in a dream.
- Give the lamp back.
- No, l won't.
- l don't want it this way. Give it.
- And l like it this way.
Don't quarrel. l'll give you
a spinning wheel.
- And what is that?
- You will like it.
No mercy for me, and no
forgiveness, my dear nephew!
Kill me as you would kill
a mad dog.
Or l shall kill myself
and take the sin on my soul!
- What's stopping you?
- To the count of three.
lt's a bad dream.
We'd better awaken.
Two and a half.
Aladdin, don't spoil the wedding!
Two and a quarter!
All right. l forgive you.
Why does no one glorify us?
Волшебная лампа Аладдина Волшебная лампа Аладдина

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