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Волшебная лампа Аладдина

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l will help you.
- Where are we going, Uncle?
- To an enchanted city.
You alone will penetrate a place
from which no one's ever returned.
There you'll find an old
bronze lamp. Repeat it!
An old bronze lamp...
You will bring it to me and
all your wishes will be granted.
Go now!
The entrance is there!
You'll get in the shadow of
the city and in the city of shadows.
Who is there?
- Who is there?
- Who is there?
Who is there?
Who sneezed? Show yourself!
Why have you come here?
l came to find the lamp!
He said the truth!
l must have the lamp
and l've just told you so.
- What shall we do?
- l don't know.
Hey! Where are you?
Where are you hiding?
You're disturbing our meditation!
Take the lamp.
lt is yours.
Where will l find it?
Show him the way.
This way.
This way!
This way!
ls this it?
- What are you doing, Uncle?
- Uncle?!
Aladdin! Where are you?
Come back at once!
Aladdin, l was only joking!
l hear and obey!
Who are you?
l'm this lamp's slave.
l'm at your command!
- Are you a Genie?
- Yes.
Why did my uncle want to kill me?
He is not your uncle.
He's an evil Maghribian sorcerer.
We Genies have long known him.
l'm yours to command!
To do what?
What you will. Strangle him?
Drown him? Reduce him to dust?
No! No! Let him go
to all four corners of the earth.
To all four corners of the earth?
l hear and obey!
l don't want to! We don't want to!
The blessings of Allah be upon you!
Wake up!
lt's time to bake cakes.
Allah has granted us
another fine day.
l wish l had a skewer of
shish kebab!
- l didn't know you were a joker!
- You play little jokes, too.
Who started the fire?
l didn't know
you could make cakes.
l'm eighty five, but never
have l made a single cake.
- Have a cake!
- Genies never eat cakes.
- What do Genies eat, then?
- Nothing at all.
l'd like you to meet
my friend the Genie.
l'd rather stay in the lamp.
l knew that all that reading
would end up badly.
Remember, l haven't seen anything.
l'll even say more:
You haven't seen anything either.
Neither of us have seen anything.
Do you know why l have lived
to be 85?
Because all life l've been saying:
''All is quiet in Bagdad!''
To live to be 100 years old,
you must learn to be virtuous.
The basis for all good is
in holding the spirit in check,
in humility and in piety,
and above all in chastity,
in patience and modesty.
Each of us must know when
to give proof of our modesty
and when to show impertinence.
And to act so as to be
permanently exploring good.
Because the state of perfection is
modesty, and the state of evil
is another kind of modesty.
Will you come out for a second?
- Are you listening to me?
- Yes.
Don't be afraid!
- Who are you?
- Who am l?
- And who are you?
- Who am l?
- But who are you?
- Princess Boudour.
- Who?
- The Princess Boudour.
- That's all we needed.
- Who's that mumbling there?
Where's that voice coming from?
lt's a loafer who's listened to
too many silly stories.
Come here!
- What's that?
- Ajar.
- And what's that?
- That?
- An oven!
- An oven...
For baking meat cakes.
- You understand?
- No.
What is this mysterious monster?
- lt's a goat, not a monster.
- Does it make the cheese?
- How old are you?
- l'm sixteen.
l already knew what a goat is
when l was three years old.
They're looking for someone.
Perhaps for the Bagdad thief.
They're not looking forjust one,
but for forty of them.
- Ah, it's you?
- Yes, it's me.
Why are you laughing?
l know what you're going to ask me.
l've already been asked
by 1 7 princes.
Poor princes.
l refused them all.
Then it's ''no''?
Why not? Go to my father
and ask for my hand.
And will you say ''yes''?
How should l know what l'll say?
l'll say whatever comes to my head!
The Princess is here!
That's you again!
- Tie him up!
- Yes!
Tie him!
l hope Princess Boudour
will forgive me!
My Sultan, he's
Волшебная лампа Аладдина Волшебная лампа Аладдина

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