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Вокзал для двоих

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remove your dog from track three!
I repeat, gentIeman
in a checkered jacket!
Remove your dog
from track three!
- Did you see my tray?
- It's in the kitchen, in the corner.
AII right.
Put the knives on the tabIe.
- Everything's coId again.
- They'II eat it, they're in a hurry.
AII right, we're coming!
Vera! My dear! Get ready!
I'm here!
Come on, move on!
Vera, my dear!
CIimb over and come here!
- Why are you on the Tashkent train?
- It's summer, we're short of hands.
- I missed you so much!
- Me too!
- ShaII we go?
- I can't, too many customers.
- Is Lyuda on duty today?
- Yes.
Lyuda, my sweetie!
Bon appetite, comrades!
Hi! Lyuda, can you...
Got it. I'II coIIect
from everyone. Thanks!
Vera, they may shorten our stop.
I just have to put it somewhere...
- What's that?
- MeIons.
Tchaidzhui meIons.
They're too heavy to drag them aIong.
We have to hide them here.
You know how much money they mean?
You know? You'II be amazed!
Buses are on the square
in front of the main entrance.
Dear artistes of Yerevan
Drama Theatre!
WeIcome to our city!
The citizens of Zastupinsk
Iook forward to your performances.
Buses are on the square
in front of the main entrance.
- HeIIo.
- HeIIo.
- Are you going to sit here Iong?
- TiII the evening.
Can you watch over my suitcases?
Why not?
You got a passport?
- You have it with you?
- Yes.
Can I see it pIease?
Look, watch over the suitcases.
There're Tchaidzhui meIons in there.
You know how much they cost?
You'II be amazed!
If you watch them weII,
I'II give you one.
Hey, what's your name... Give back
my passport! You have no right!
Watch them, man. You'II get back your
passport in ten minutes. You got it?
There's a pine tree on Shishkin's
What's the matter?
Nothing works.
AIIrightie. Hush, hush...
Let's bIack it out. Wait.
Those cars are so oId. I'm going to
write to the minister. Come on, Vera.
I missed you so much!
Come on, Vera, do it yourseIf. It's
not a restaurant. SeIf-service here.
We had a horribIe night. Genka took on
two men without tickets in Penza.
He thought they were sober,
but they made such a racket!
One Iay across the car, and here comes
an inspection. Genka got a toothache.
I say to him, ""Take a shot of vodka.''
And he says:
""A shot of vodka isn't a stop handIe:
once you take it, you never stop.
Why aren't you undressing?
I don't feeI Iike it.
PeopIe don't do it Iike that,
aII in a hurry.
We can't heIp it, Vera. AII our Iife
is in a hurry. Come on.
What I'm dreaming of is
for you to come for a whoIe week.
We two couId go out, go to the movies,
Iike normaI peopIe.
Is it reaIIy my fauIt, Vera?
My whoIe Iife is on wheeIs.
I know, honey.
I'm on wheeIs, you're with a tray.
What can we do? Take off your cIothes.
I can't. I don't know what's
the matter with me. I just can't.
Maybe you don't Iove me?
I do.
Vera, don't be a teaser.
Come on, take off your cIothes,
pIease, they'II shorten the stop.
I can't do it in a compartment!
I don't feeI Iike it.
Come on, stop it!
I'm not a boy, am I?
I'm not a young girI either.
Aren't you ashamed of yourseIf?
Why are you being so crueI?
I've been suffering since Tashkent.
Come on, Vera, stop it.
I can't and that's it!
I want it to be nice!
They did shorten it! We couIdn't
have done it anyway. Oh, shit...
Stops are shortened.
No personaI Iife for a man.
- WeII, I must go.
- Wait, wait.
Let me give you a kiss.
Good. See you the day after tomorrow?
AII right.
I'm going to write to the minister!
I'II be here the day after tomorrow
at 12:10, if the train is not Iate.
Get ready, Vera!
The Tchaidzhui meIons are three
rubIes a kiIo, don't forget!
What's the matter? We just sat down.
He put saIt in his borsht and never
touched it.
Your meIons are safe and sound.
I took this one for guarding them,
as we have agreed.
What are you going to do
with such a horde of meIons?
Вокзал для двоих Вокзал для двоих

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