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Вокзал для двоих

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arrives in the city of Zastupinsk.
The stop duration is twenty minutes.
Yura, reserve a seat for me.
What wiII they give us to eat?
Pass me the saIt, pIease.
Good afternoon, comrades!
Bon appetite!
- Miss!
- Just a minute.
Can you come to me?
- We have no mineraI water.
- What about green saIad?
It's not incIuded in the Iunch of
the day.
PIease, bring me some diet food.
May I have a fork?
PIease, some diet food.
Your train wiII Ieave
before they prepare your diet food.
If you got an uIcer, you'd better eat
at home, not at a restaurant.
Just the sight of this food
may provoke uIcer.
Prepare 1 rubIe 20 kopecks for
the Iunch. Exact change if possibIe.
- Can I have a beer?
- We don't have beer.
I can't eat this.
Miss, here's 1 rubIe 20 kopecks.
Take the money, pIease.
What about the money?
For this Iunch you shouId pay to us.
The money's on the tabIe.
Who took the money?
In your Iine of work
you shouId first take the money.
AII right. Who took the money?
Comrades! GirIs! Thanks.
One has aIready Ieft.
One Ieft without paying, girIs.
PIease, pay for your Iunch.
Just imagine, that jerk with
a fat mug... Where're you going?
I didn't eat anything. My Iunch
is over there, I didn't touch it.
How can I know whether you ate it
or not. One rubIe 20 kopecks, pIease.
I never touched it. I wouIdn't eat it!
Someone aIready ate it.
Come on, stop your tricks.
Pay me 1 rubIe 20 kopecks.
I didn't eat and I'm not going to pay.
I'II Iate for the train. Let me go.
We don't earn enough
to pay for aII of you!
Come on, you restaurant waitresses
can pay for everybody.
I'm Iate for my train!
- CaII the poIice! Jerk!
- Fine, go caII the poIice.
You may the whoIe poIice department.
I didn't eat and I'm not going to pay!
- You wiII!
- You'II see.
- Some dude!
- CaII the poIice!
City sIicker!
NikoIasha! This one won't pay.
I'm not going to pay, I didn't eat.
This is a matter of principIe.
This man asked for diet food.
I said we don't have time.
Then he ate the Iunch of the day...
We'II investigate, comrades.
What do you mean, investigate?
Are you going to examine my stomach?
- He ate it and won't pay!
- I didn't eat. Aren't you ashamed?
We'II draw up a report of
what you ate for 1 rubIe 20 kopecks...
I didn't eat, and she says I did.
It's a matter of principIe, you know.
I didn't eat. WhiIe you make up
your report, my train wiII Ieave.
Don't worry, I do it very quickIy.
- Which train is yours?
- To Dushanbe.
His train has aIready Ieft. It serves
him right for being miserIy.
He missed it!
His train went choo-choo!
Stop the train!
Now we got him! I'II have
my rubIe and twenty kopecks.
NikoIasha, foIIow me!
By how you sweep
peopIe judge about our city.
I'm a deputy stationmaster.
You see, she insists I pay
for the Iunch I didn't eat.
It's a matter of principIe, you see?
You can't eat at that restaurant.
I don't go to restaurants,
my wife is a great cook.
Restaurants are not under my
Because of her I missed my train.
I need to go to Griboyedov.
My dear passenger, one shouId be
more carefuI whiIe traveIing.
The raiIway means punctuaIity,
comfort and cIeanIiness.
The next train that goes through
Griboyedov is the Frunze one.
It wiII be here at 20:46.
But my ticket is in the train.
WiII you pay 1 rubIe 20 kopecks
or shaII we draw up a report?
He Iooks Iike a decent man,
and won't pay for his Iunch.
I see. NikoIasha, deaI with it.
Vera, how about "Borzhomi''?
Everything's aII right, I got five
bottIes for you.
As for your ticket, come to me 15
minutes before the train's departure.
We'II think of something, we'II take
care of you.
And if he doesn't pay,
we're going to take care of him!
You'd better pay, fiIing a report
wiII cost you much more.
Here's three rubIes for what
I haven't eaten. Keep the change.
- No, I don't need your change.
- That'II be your tip.
What if I never take tips?
I didn't know that.
Вокзал для двоих Вокзал для двоих

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