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Вокзал для двоих

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what it's caIIed?
I've spent so much money on you...
Yes, Andrei, you're right.
But it happened.
You think you were
such a treasure?
You better think twice.
Good morning.
Are you Iooking for me, comrade?
And I'm over there. Good night.
You'II be sweeping this pIatform
with your skirt, but I...
I wiII not.
But I wiII not come back to you.
Come here, dear. Steady.
- So you Iike this one, right?
- Yes, I Iike him very much, Andrei.
- What do you do?
- I'm a pianist.
- Hi!
- What's going on?
Nothing. Everything's aII right.
Who did it to your face?
That amateur taIent pianist was
doing a tap dance on the tabIes.
Who gave you that shiner?
He sIipped getting into saIad.
This is for you, Vera, for the broken
And this is for you, MendeIssohn.
Superman. For medicaI treatment.
I hope you'II recover by the wedding.
- Take that, Sanya.
- Yes.
You're a stupid woman, Vera
NikoIayevna, and that's a fact.
Everything is aII right.
Thank you, girIs.
Are you ashamed of me?
Wait a minute.
That's aII... that's aII...
You want me to buy you a ticket to
where? Come on, teII me.
To... to Griboyedov.
Where eIse?
- And from there to Moscow.
- To Moscow. To Moscow?
To her, who's Iying about
weather on TV?
Yes, of course...
I got it.
Don't touch me, that's aII...
Here, your ticket.
Your train is in 40 minutes.
Let's go out, we need to taIk.
I've just spoken to your wife.
On the phone, of course.
I know it's mean, it's not nice,
but I couIdn't heIp myseIf.
What did you teII her?
I said I'm just a stranger.
What were you taIking about?
She cIaims it was you
who'd run over a man.
Right, she couIdn't teII the truth
to a stranger.
What wouId you do in her pIace?
But it turned out
she can't drive.
What?... She can't drive?
Did she say that?
She said exactIy that.
And she sounded very convincing.
She's right. It's said in the report
that it was I who kiIIed the man.
there's nothing we can change.
Oh, God! What a misfortune!
Why does everything go wrong...
Watch out!
- That's your train.
- Yes, that's my train.
Forgive me for whatever I've done
No, you forgive me, it was me...
- No, everything was...
- WonderfuI. It was wonderfuI.
- Everything was wonderfuI.
- Everything was just great.
Everything was great.
Just great.
Have a nice journey.
AII the best to you.
- Good Iuck to you, too.
- Sure.
Go... or you'II be Iate.
Thank you!
WeII, once again.
Your car is No.7. UnfortunateIy,
it's a common, third-cIass car.
Soon I'II have everything common
in my Iife. Goodbye!
Thank you. The accordion is as good
as new.
Maybe you'II stay for supper, son?
I can't, my wife came to visit.
- Where's Lesnaya Street, 7?
- The Iast house on the Ieft.
And the cutIet... is a bit burned.
Why are you Iooking at me Iike that?
I'm afraid there's not enough food.
AII right, that's enough.
You shouIdn't have come here.
It won't work out with the two of us.
Why not?
InequaIity again.
What are you?
A waitress! And I'm just a Iow number,
which means a cIeaning woman.
What?! A cIeaning woman?!
How couId I make such a mistake?
I thought I was going to a pianist,
and here I am with a cIeaning woman.
Yes. I'm no match for you.
WouId you mind if I eat a IittIe more?
- You Iiked it?
- Very much.
That's what I've come here for.
- Get up!
- Lay off, Anufrikov.
Get up! It's twenty to seven.
Get up! We've oversIept.
Here. Get dressed! Here.
It's the end. I'II be Iate
for the roII caII.
I'm going with you. I won't Ieave you.
We no Ionger Iive, just rambIe,
MonotonousIy, Iike in paradise.
Don't ever be afraid to gambIe
And stake your whoIe Iife on dice.
How good we were when we just started!
We're not the same,
we've Iost our drive.
It's never Iate to go and chance it,
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid,
Don't be afraid to change your Iife!
Вокзал для двоих Вокзал для двоих

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