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right, stay, we'II think of
I wonder what are you going
to think of?
It's you who are Ieaving him with me.
Then I'm a foundIing.
He's a spry IittIe sparrow,
this passenger of yours.
Thank you.
Not at aII, thank you.
AII right, you two may go and think of
something here, but I'm going. Bye.
Thank you, Vera.
Have a seat.
So I'II see you tomorrow at
the restaurant, right, Vera?
- It was a wonderfuI evening.
- It was great!
- You're having an affair with her?
- Oh no, not at aII.
She's a funny woman.
Are you pIanning just transit
or you may stay for a whiIe?
What do you mean?
I was just Ieft behind the train.
Perhaps I'II stay awhiIe, I don't
know. Or maybe not.
When he comes tomorrow, her... that...
conductor who took my passport...
- So you know about him?
- I had the pIeasure of meeting him.
WeII, it's Iife.
After her husband had waIked out
on her...
And did it in such a ghastIy manner,
found himseIf a hairdresser in Penza
and announced to her about his
...over the intercom, bastard.
The entire raiIway Iistened to their
It was a mean, inhuman thing to do.
He couId come and say he was sorry.
Two months Iater he did come crawIing
on his knees, asking her forgiveness.
Vera didn't take him in.
Then this Andrei had appeared.
WeII, shaII we have a drink?
By the way, Iet's get acquainted.
My name is YuIia.
PIeased to meet you. I'm PIaton
- Are you from Moscow?
- Yes.
Here I am.
Now you'II Iie to us
that you were Iate for the bus.
I'm so gIad you came back.
I didn't come back,
I reaIIy was Iate for the bus!
It Iooks Iike I'm one too many here.
- Don't say nonsense.
- Where can I go, poor girI?
AII right, I'II go and take a nap
in the mother and chiId room.
See you in the morning.
Thank you so much.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Of course I wasn't Iate.
I just didn't want to Ieave you
with her.
Why are you staring?
Yes, I came by myseIf.
Why don't you say something?
There'II be something to remember,
how you got stuck at some station.
And a waitress turned up.
And there was not an affair but...
Funny, isn't it?
She wasn't that good but...
I was just passing through.
Vera, you don't know yourseIf.
But I think I've known you for years
and I understand you.
There's none of the things in you
that I hate.
SimpIy hate!
You're genuine, you're naturaI.
And I feeI so naturaI with you.
That's me, just as I am, I don't have
to pretend, I don't have to...
And at this station of aII pIaces,
for the first time in my Iife
I feIt free.
You just don't know your worth.
You're kind, you're pretty, you're...
you're wonderfuI... Yes, you're...
No one has ever spoken those words
to me. Not ever.
Guys! Guys!
TroubIe! I know I'm intruding.
Non-fIying weather.
Moscow doesn't accept pIanes.
How I hate that non-fIying weather!
They'II bring them from the airport
now, a whoIe crowd. It'II be hectic.
I know, we're Iooking for an empty
- You're smart, but not quite.
- That's right.
The cars are Iocked for the night
so some riffraff not get in.
We're Iooking for my cousin. She's
a conductor. She'II give you sheIter.
- Vera.
- What?
- Vera...
- What?
You'II be comfortabIe here.
There... that's aII.
That's enough, or it's going to end
It's not enough.
- I don't mess about compartments.
- I know.
- What do you mean?
- Nothing.
- What are you driving at?
- I'm not driving at anything.
You mean me and Andrei going to a
compartment. Nothing happened there.
I beIieve you.
I can teII by your eyes that you don't.
It's dark in here, you can't teII by
the eyes...
But it's true, nothing has happened.
I beIieve you, I swear.
You don't beIieve a word.
You have onIy one thing on your mind.
Say something!
There can be nothing between
the two of us, nothing...
Why not?
Because you're a pianist and I'm
a raiIway station waitress.
It's nonsense.
You see? You


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