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smoke and racket at
the restaurant,
I come here at night, get some fresh
air, and aII is gone without a trace.
Aren't you afraid to waIk aIone at
I'm used to it.
My friend, VioIetta, often comes
aIong to visit me.
We two waIk, with heavy bags,
so tired that we can't even taIk,
just chap-chap-chap.
And, suddenIy, we hear
a man's cough behind us.
And my dear oId maid, VioIetta,
immediateIy became a different person.
Now she was waIking with no Iife Ieft
in her, with her whoIe body aching...
Imagine, she gave him her phone
number, and waited, with no resuIt.
Though it seemed that man was aIready
in her pocket.
You needn't to go with me any farther.
Thanks and goodbye.
How can you sIeep with that thunder?
I got used to it. Now I can't
sIeep when it's quiet.
I need that thunder around me.
That territory by the tracks...
Our house is over there... we caII it
""a strip of estrangement''.
AII right... I must go.
I haven't yet asked you that most
originaI question men usuaIIy ask.
What are you doing tonight?
Are you inviting me to the station's
waiting room?
Oh no, you have such a beautifuI
dress on!
I got even a better one!
Then it's onIy naturaI that I shouId
invite you to a restaurant tonight.
Oh, pIease, invite me. I haven't
been to a restaurant for ages!
I'm inviting you.
I'II be back in a jiffy!
Here I am.
I gave them their supper, said I'd be
back Iate, so we can go and party.
You want to offer me money?
- The gentIeman is supposed to pay.
- What joint are we going to?
If you don't mind, invite me
to our restaurant, pIease.
- You want to show off?
- I want to see their Iong faces.
Keep your money.
You mean we're going to run away
without paying?
I know that you think I'm a criminaI,
and perhaps you're right.
But this time
we'II act honest.
How? I'm intrigued.
It's a secret.
ActuaIIy, I'm a very mysterious man.
Oh, you're so funny!
WiII you buy me a ticket, pIease?
I haven't got a kopeck.
Of course I wiII.
- I've got a season ticket.
End of Part One

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