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She's not my woman.
A certificate from my own pIot,
that's why I seII cheaper.
You're a second-hand deaIer yourseIf!
You think your tomatoes grow on trees?
It's your meIons
that grow on trees!
Come on, what's so funny?
The man's just kidding.
You'd better go, baIdie,
and watch your worm-eaten tomatoes.
What the heII is going on? You can't
get away from those city swindIers!
- I bet he bought them from conductors.
- That's why he overprices them!
CaII the poIice!
I'II be a witness!
- No poIice, friends!
- He's right.
The poIice are no chums to us. Let's
just give him a coupIe of punches.
Good peopIe!
That's my debut at the market pIace!
Perhaps it's not quite a success.
PIease, heIp me.
HeIp me to get rid of those damned
HeIp me,
buy them by the barreI.
I mean, by the buIk, aII together.
Hurry up, baIdie, it's a bargain.
I pay a rubIe a kiIo for the Iot.
No way. For a rubIe a kiIo,
he'II eat them himseIf, right?
For a rubIe a kiIo, I'II eat them
AII right, one rubIe 20 kopecks.
No, it's robbery!
- One rubIe 30 kopecks.
- No!
One rubIe 40 kopecks. That's my Iast
No, I can't, I must return to my boss
one rubIe 50 kopecks.
We gave you a good price.
You can't Iose on it, it's a bargain!
Don't be stingy, seIIers!
Oh, what the heck!
Who wants Tchaidzhui meIons?
As sweet as honey!
As smooth as maidens!
Come on, buy before they go!
Come, foIks, there's nothing phony!
They're haIf sugar, haIf honey!
One rubIe fifty a kiIo!
But when you said ''Kind folk, this is
my performance on the market''
I thought...
- You are just as bad...
I thought I'd burst out laughing.
What about the rotten tomatoes?
"These melons are as smooth
as maidens, as sweet...
as honey..."
You have charmed me!
You have made an excellent
impression as if you are
seeing me for the first
time in you life.
I was really amased, honestly.
Oh yeah, really.
I am capable of other things.
But we have not earnt anything today.
Yeah, forgive me, I am not
a good businessman.
I forgive you.
Oh well... See you later.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
Going to the waiting room,
where else? See you later.
Hang on! Come here!
Very well.
Hold this.
You are going to the railway
station anyway.
Take the trolley away, give
the suitcases to the storage area
and say this, everything
is from me..
I will take it, give it and say ...
Good. Thank you.
Right then? I'm going home.
See you later.
See you later.
Excuse me, but your bus is departing
from the railway station.
I am going on the tram.
Why are you going to get pushed
around in the public transport
and spend all that money?
Allow me to give you
a lift, in my own car?
I never thought that
I would be a rickshaw.
And how is it?
A very beautiful load.
Am I undertanding you right?
Are you flirting with me?
I would, with pleasure,
but I am not in the mood.
It's a shame.
Please forgive me, for me
being rude to you this morning.
- I can do it too.
- Yah-yeah...
Why have you stopped?
I'm being a public transport now.
Can you see, a red light.
- O-o-oh... Yeah...
Why are standing when
everyone has got going?
Well, yes!
Do you have children?
A student daughter: jeans, disks
Is your wife beautiful?
What about her figure?
Will knock you of your feet.
This shed is very shakey.
You have a remarcable
smile. Honestly.
Stop! I will get off.
I can't. Do you see the sign
''No stopping allowed''?
Forgive me... Forgive me
my stupidity for gods sake.
Understand, that only
an idiot like me,
could pay a compliment to a woman
in the presence of another woman.
By the way, I couldn't care
less about your wife.
I couldn't care less about
your train steward.
I couln't care less about you.
I couldn't...
I think, I do really care about  you.
Well then, straight ahead!
- Thank you.
- You're weIcome. Where to?
This way. It's not far.
It feeIs so good!
After aII that

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