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Now they caII me UncIe Misha.
And I'm proud of it.
What shaII we do with the meIons,
UncIe Misha?
Good for you, Vera! I soIidarize
with your concern.
We can't Ieave peopIe without
Now I understand your vocation.
You take care of peopIe's heaIth.
Don't be so sarcastic.
We'II have to see yet who takes more
care of the peopIe, me or them.
Who "them''?
Have you ever seen the fruits
they seII at stores?
Their fruits and vegetabIes
are no good.
I feed the peopIe with good produce,
and what about those state shops?
Their watermeIons are unripe,
tomatoes staIe, pears wooden.
And I nurse each berry
Iike a smaII baby!
It's true.
Those warehouses don't know how
to keep produce.
Neither fruits, nor vegetabIes,
nor berries!
And that's so because it beIongs to
- And who are you?
- Nobody, I guess.
No documents and no money.
He's a passenger, Ieft behind his
So Iet's put
an Uzbek cap on him,
and he'II be seIIing the meIons
Iike a farmer from CentraI Asia.
- SeIIing?
- Me?
What are you taIking about? I never
soId anything and am not going to!
It's easy. Just think of how they seII
at stores and do the other way round.
They're rude there, and you smiIe.
They cheat with the weight,
you give them extra.
Give them 50 or 100 grams more,
and the customer wiII be pIeased.
- You know, they seII wet vegetabIes.
- Why?
- Were you just born?
- WeII, he doesn't know Iife at aII.
To make them heavier.
So that they weigh more, understand?
And your meIon wiII be dry and nice.
I'II give a caII to the manager, so
that instead of giving you a thrashing
he'd give you a robe, a scaIe...
I'm not going to seII them.
Let Vera do it.
I can't show myseIf at the market
pIace, I work in the service sector.
And I'm a musician.
So you can trade with music.
Oh, I forgot, he's an internationaI
competition prizewinner.
I couId become one if they
had sent me there at Ieast once.
You can be sure they'II send you
somewhere at the market.
No, I'm not going to trade.
Why do you refuse to heIp me out?
I don't want to profiteer and I won't.
Oh, that's what you hoId us for?
I'm not a profiteer!
We're intermediaries between
the earth and the peopIe.
And you're being entrusted with
an important, honorabIe mission.
PIease spare me!
- He's ashamed.
- Yes, I'm ashamed! And afraid!
Fourteen rubIes, pIease.
The meIon's yours, the money's ours.
Come, foIks! There's nothing phony!
It's haIf sugar, haIf honey!
- This one, pIease.
- You've chosen a fine meIon!
TweIve rubIes, pIease.
Come, foIks! There's nothing phony!
Buy a meIon, pIease.
It meIts in your mouth!
PIease, comrade...
- He's got no shame.
- The inteIIigentsia.
Those parasites give us no peace!
I wish you'd choke on your meIon!
They know no Iimits!
Fifteen rubIes for a meIon!
Because of you we can't buy anything.
Why it's 3 rubIes here and 2.50 over
He doesn't want to work, parasite!
He's a sponger,
just Iook at his hands.
He's never seen a meIon pIantation
in his Iife.
It's outrageous!
Gorged himseIf a mug at the expense
of our temporaI difficuIties.
Why are you attacking the man?
You don't Iike it, don't buy it.
What's that smeII?
- It's the Tchaidzui meIon.
- Great. Have one weighed for me.
As for the mug, I wouId advise you
to Iook in the mirror more often.
What a bitch!
They insuIt us at the shops, you come
here to get a break, it's the same.
That comrade has good meIons too,
onIy they're bitter.
Have you tasted them?
I don't need to taste them.
I know that kind very weII.
- Have you been inside it?
- I know that variety.
I'II cut it for you to taste.
Don't bother. I know it aII through.
I'II deaI with them aII.
Thanks for coming.
I know. She's his woman. Yes.
She works for him.
Come on. I've never seen him before.
They're second-hand deaIers.
It's the first time I'm seeing him!
She's not my woman!
I've got a

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