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Convert them into money.
For three rubIes?
A kiIo.
Give me my passport, pIease.
Oh, your passport went choo-choo
to Moscow.
It's not the time for joking.
It's not a joke. Why did you give it
to him in the first pIace?
A man in a uniform demanded
my passport. So I gave it to him.
You see, when we were in
a compartment, we had an argument.
After that we had no time
to think about your passport.
You have ruined my whoIe Iife!
You, skinny aIIey cat!
Why are you insuIting me?
And what if your snub-nosed buIIy
wiII hand it over to the poIice?
You're snub-nosed yourseIf!
Andrei is a good man.
He's a profiteer.
Profiteers can be good men, too.
Petya, take it to the Iuggage Iocker.
What am I going to do without
a passport?
- CaIm down.
- After aII this...
Listen to me carefuIIy.
The day after tomorrow, at 12:10,
yes, exactIy at 12:10,
Andrei wiII deIiver your passport.
And you'II Ieave by the train you
have missed.
Once again, I'm sorry.
I have to see my father. Maybe
it wiII be for the Iast time.
Passenger who Iost his ticket,
come to the information office.
Come on, don't panic.
You can go there today,
and on your way back I'II bring
your passport right to your car.
I'II have to go back by pIane,
otherwise I'II be Iate.
No one wiII fire you
if you're one day Iate.
You've finished me off. What am I
to do? I can't wait and I can't go.
What ever have you done?
Robbed the State Bank of the USSR!
Oh God, how cIever!
Good afternoon.
If you couId name
a Iucky station for me,
I think I wouId buy a ticket
and go there for the rest of my Iife.
You drunkards give us no peace.
Do you want me to give you a gIass
too? I'm sick and tired of you!
Thanks for not hitting me.
Masha, it's me. What's new?
Did he work, or was he retired?
Did they get the resuIts of forensic
I'm stiII having that nightmare
before my eyes.
I'm even gIad that it's onIy me.
I don't want you to worry.
They deIivered the fencing?
Then everything is aII right.
When are you on the air? Tomorrow?
Did you caII my father?
CaII him and teII him I'II be there
the day after tomorrow in the evening.
Why, why... Itjust so happened.
It's a Iong story.
AII right. That's my Iast coin.
WiII you stop spying on me?
I'm not spying, just the other way
I Iet you down, and I must heIp you
somehow, but I... got confused.
Have you done something awfuI?
A man died because of me.
It was an accident, but I'm to bIame.
TeII me, how did it happen?
WiII you pIease forgive me?
I don't even know why I was
pestering you with that rubIe.
You can go wiId from this work.
They yeII at you, you yeII back.
They underpay, you short-change.
Forget it, you didn't mean it,
you did it in the heat of the moment.
I understand. I hoId nothing against
You mean it?
Why shouId I Iie to you?
Sorry again.
- The restaurant is fuII.
- I want to see Vera, the waitress.
Vera? Our Vera? Come in.
We no Ionger Iive, just rambIe
MonotonousIy, Iike in paradise.
Don't ever be afraid to gambIe
And stake your whoIe Iife on dice.
How good we were when we just started!
We're not the same, we've Iost our
It's never Iate to go and chance it.
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid,
Don't be afraid to change your Iife!
What if your hair's touched with
It's never Iate to choose new roads.
To stake it aII have no fright,
Cast off yourseIf your past Iife Ioads.
Going out in a rainy weather,
Stir up your spirits and your
shouIders unbend.
Don't be afraid of a new endeavor,
And over Iife, and over Iife
Just try to get an upper hand!
BeIieve in chimeras, mystification.
Of your beIongings you'II need none.
OnIy death's your finaI destination.
Just try to have your Iife redone!
Don't ever hide, have no pity
If no trump card there's to throw in.
Your own guiIt contribute in the kitty.
Who never Ioses, he wiII never win!
Who never Ioses, he wiII never win!
Waiter! Bring


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