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Военно-полевой роман

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shocked but it's a fact.
- I saw it myself.
- It's impossible.
You think that I'm lying?
You entangled. You came
in sight.
- Came in sight?
- Yes.
I'm not jealous.
You make you wife watch the
same film for many weeks.
Hold her on a leash
Vera Nikolaevna, believe me,
it's not easy to say.
Your Sasha...
I forbid you to say fool
things about my Sasha.
Apologize immediately.
Though into the can.
Are you going?
Then I'm going away.
Pretends to be in conservatory.
Tell me please, what this
music gives you?
There you are. Songs,
that's great!
You remained like you were,
A dashing Cossack ...
I feel myself with you
very important.
Like a woman-scientist.
It's a pity that we
haven't met before.
Right after war
Do you think that I
was something special?
Why was?
Commander made much of me.
He was killed, and everything
good in my life was over.
Such holiday we always
celebrate at home.
- That's right.
- Tradition.
It's Luba.
I told you about her
- Here.
- Where did you find her?
Is she always so forward
with everybody?
Take it easy, yes.
It's a new habit?
- It's a war.
- On the least occasion - war.
Really, it's a result of bad
education and that's all.
- Maybe she'll engage in me?
- Yes. Vera is a teacher.
Sasha, I have a suggestion.
Let's invite your battle friend
Let's celebrate together
New Year.
- Okay.
- I have a very tasty eating
Let's go.
She wants to know what men
find in women like me.
- I'll take away your Alexander
- Why?
He is my husband.
You need another man.
first of all, a free man,
secondly, Sasha has
lots of imperfections.
Men usually have only one.
And I shut my eyes to
other imperfections
Sasha, do you feel
what is coming?
It's a bravado.
He's too honest, that's truth
You will be tired of him soon
You are not tired, as I see.
It's interesting
with him for me.
We have much in common.
And what will you talk
about with him?
Sasha loves me as usual.
For no particular reason.
Is that truth Sasha?
Say aloud.
Let her heat.
Say Sasha.
I was joking. You're all
crazy here.
I've come here to see why
you think you're better.
My congratulations Sasha ...
...Happy New Year.
Offender a person.
And now ladies and gentlemen...
...best-known number. Music
One second.
Maestro! The audience
is waiting!
Yes, yes. I'm going.
Hold it. Right here.
Fakir was drunk and a focus...
And for that in the new year
everything must be better
Let's drink.
I like here
Interesting life.
And ourjust drink Vodka and
wag their tongues that's all.
- Yes, Visit us more often.
- Yes.
I feel here right like at home.
- Were you in the war?
- What?
Were you in the war?
Yes, no.
Let's drink for good people.
- Many of them are there...
- Let's.
...and only few are left.
For you.
Have you been to Executive
Committee of the District?
No. But I'll visit them
A guilder-rose blows in
a field near a brook
I fell in love with a young guy.
I came to love him unluckily,
I can't open, I can't find words.
...the color flies all over.
And the love is maiden...
Interesting, how did you
get hold of such snug home?
My parents lived here.
This flat belonged to
them before war.
And where are they now?
Hello, Happy New Year.
Already to work?
Just look who has come.
Country town
Summer heat
On the dance floor?
Music is played.
One two, one two
Foxtrot is revolving
On the dance floor
It's 1941
On the dance floor
It's 1941
Today is not a consultation day.
Do you have something urgent?
- I've brought a form.
- To the #6 room.
By the way you talk to a woman.
Did you bring a bribe?
- If you ask?
- So write it down.
- How?
- With two "s".
- And without it isn't that clear?
- Clear, clear.
And without a form it's clear.
By the way the word "byelorussian"
writes with two "s"
Военно-полевой роман Военно-полевой роман

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