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Военно-полевой роман

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- How should you know that?
I have a kid.
I have to pay for my room.
I can't live on my earnings.
Don't be afraid, I was
- Luba, Can I see you one more time?
- Lady, one patty.
Come and see
- I don't care
- Thank you
Look, I see that you're
not very busy.
Look my daughter is ill, can
you look after and I'll run for...
It's quite near.
Patties, hot and fresh,
Just roasted.
Come and buy.
- Look.
- How much?
- One.
- Hot patties.
Prepare small change.
- One.
- Please without change.
- I don't have small change too.
- Please
Thanks. How many?
- Two.
- And one for me.
Now. Change.
Let's go.
Prepare small change. Please.
How many? Two?
- Two.
- One moment.
I own you.
I don't drink.
He, we could sit around.
I'm not greedy.
Where can we sit?
At you. Where do you want?
Come to me.
Can I go?
I'm late.
I have a shift.
The second?
No, I work here as film operator.
Free films.
Nowadays is bread
I'll drop.
I'm slat out. Hold on.
You'll fall down.
I can't.
What do you want?
Where's mother?
And what did uncle Greg bring?
Uncle Greg isn't greedy.
Kate, catch.
And now make it so ...
...that I'll lose our sight.
- How is that?
- Disappear.
You move ballerina.
What, did you like?
I'll cure you of hanging
about other women!
Take it easy. Quiet!
- And now - disappear!
- What what?
I say that at 12p.m.
you must disappear.
And who took money for
3 months ahead?
So you question is the following ?
People, testify.
I'll evict this...
From the flat at 12 p.m.
A lover in the flat.
One more word and I'll
kill you. You know me.
Just look at him.
For whom did you change me?
I'm asking.
You'll feel sorry.
I love my life.
Why do you want me
to change it?
I want you to respect yourself.
I'd like to get to paradise
but my sin don't let me go.
It's war.
I had everything on the war.
Follow my example.
I work and study at
teacher's training college.
Historical faculty
Do you advise me
to begin to study?
Why not?
When you love here you stop
noticing many things.
I'll have to look for a room.
I have to go to Executive Committee
of the District Soviet of People's
- What's with you?
- What? Alone mother.
And where I was during a war?
- You weren't here.
- And before?
You were here,
But nobody knew about this.
And mother?
And your mother was very young.
Would you give chocolate to her?
- And you?
- I would give.
And Me to
Well sit down
There's always a happy end
in the films.
- I haven't danced for so long.
- And now you will.
- Let me in.
- He has a meeting.
One moment.
Do you remember? I've been here.
We had an appointment.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Like in a bad theatre.
I'm listening.
It's Lubov Ivanovna Antipova.
Lubov Ivanovna has been
at war for 3 years.
She is a first sergeant
hospital company.
I see.
Her husband was killed on a
front. It's their daughter.
Who are you?
I'm Netulizhin.
I'm taking up their case.
What's wrong? It's my fancy man.
My fancy man.
Well, that's ok.
For what is this masquerade?
Do you need a dress or a person?
The essence of the problem?
There's nowhere to live.
- Give me a habitation.
- Any, I don't care which.
Lubov Ivanovna pays a
fantastic sum for her tiny flat.
And her earnings are...
Are you on the books?
Why do you ask
Fill in this form and
go to the room #6.
Remember, although
I'm not rich,..
...I won't own you money.
Think, think.
Vera Nikolaevna with you
husband Sasha...
...Something strange
happens lately ...
With every person
something happens.
Three complaints during
this week.
People like to complain.
- What further?
- I have a school
I have a plan.
People stopped coming.
Am I free?
I didn't want to tell.
Vera Nikolaevna,..
lately Sasha was selling patties
on the corner of the stores.
I was
Военно-полевой роман Военно-полевой роман

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