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Вкус зелёного чая после риса

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Sit down, setsuko
sit down
it was wrong of you
not to attend the meeting
you were rude to the man
it was too much
he's right
you ought to be more thoughtful
you're supposed to be an adult
but you act childish
yes. Listen well
everyone's worried about you
yet, you're selfish
why pick on me?
Didn't i warn you?
Trying to get a medal?
Never mind
i won these. Give half to non-chan
i still have some
i'll go again
don't flip it too hard
do it this way
let it go slowly... then...
You were with setsuko!
Why did you lie?
Well, i didn't...
didn't that?
Didn't lie
what, then?
I didn't tell you, that's all
you know about the marriage meeting
didn't you?
Yes. I took her to the theater
but she didn't come
he really took me there
then why didn't you come?
Where did you go?
That's all right
it's not all right
she didn't want to meet him
so what?
It can't be helped
what can't be helped?
If you force her to marry
they'll only end up like us
really? Very well
i understand
don't you mind?
Can't help it
it can't be helped
when did that happen?
Ten days ago
haven't you talked since?
How's he doing?
He wants to talk. Like the other night:
I decided to go to bed early
he knocked on my door
and kept calling me
i'm amazed you can endure
i couldn't last so long
i don't want to talk, that's all
you're selfish. You lied to him, too
all married couples lie to one another
Not all are like that
some never lie
if so, they're bored with each other
compared with them, you're much better
are we? Far from it?
Generally speaking, you ask too much
You'd skip school just because
you didn't like your hairdo
it's in the past!
You haven't changed
you want everything your way
you're totally selfish
is your husband well?
May we talk?
5,000 yen
i need money
glad you're getting alone
then... excuse me
hey, wait!
Give it
The money
want it back?
Just go straight home
nice, isn't he?
Not necessarily
Yours is nice, too. You're selfish
i'm not
yes, you are. Whatever you say
you love him after all
no, i don't
you do
otherwise you'd have divorced him
you don't understand
My feelings
i do understand
you don't! I'll go!
Why so soon? Listen...
Your supper's ready
i'm coming
she's coming, sir
give me rice. I'm hungry
welcome home. I'm already eating
why not eat?
don't eat like that!
Sorry, i forgot
do you always eat like that?
Doe she?
Does he eat like that?
Say yes
only when alone
didn't i say not to?
Yes. Sorry, but i forgot
then, please don't
i won't. I just forgot
she told me off
does your family do this?
in saitama?
In nagano too. Maybe not in tokyo
it's tasty
do you do this?
No, sir
why not?
Mrs. Satake hates it
is that so?
Who is it?
why not eat?
I'm not hungry
where is she?
Taking a bath
will you tell her to come upstairs?
You want me?
Sit down
no thanks. Talk
you're in a bad mood
i don't think so
just sit down
no, thank you
sorry for a while ago
i didn't know you hated it so much
eat anyway you like
no. I won't
my folks taught me to eat like that
is it wrong?
I'm not saying it's wrong
i'll stop
i wonder why it's always like this
For example, the cigarettes i smoke
you don't want me to smoke
rising sun
but i like the brand-cheap but good
trains too. You don't like third class
but i like it-i can relax
it's like rising sun
i'm comfortable with it
it's the way i was raised
too bad, i was raised differently
i'm talking about me
you needn't change
don't smoke rising sun
everyone has his own way
in my case, after all...
intimate, primitive and familiar...
i like things in that way
you do?
I'd ride in first class, too...
if it was only faster
that's enough
i'll stop. You may not like it
but i like things familiar
so do i. So let me do as i please
about trains, first class is familiar to me
there's something else too
Вкус зелёного чая после риса Вкус зелёного чая после риса

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