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Вкус зелёного чая после риса

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i sent you money again
don't waste it. It's hard on mokichi
i don't waste money
that's good
and... what about this sunday?
All right
did setsuko agree to the interview?
Finally. Last evening
did brother tell her?
She complained at first
he scolded her
i'm amazed she agreed
she's like me
my father scolded me
you cried that time
i did? What did setsuko do?
She went to her room
and left this morning
what a girl!
She's different from us
yes. She reads foreign novels
i read some and was shocked
today's books are scandalous
have you found setsuko?
in the toilet?
No. I looked everywhere
i wonder where she is
the restaurant?
let's look
i won't trouble you
i hope not
don't worry
why not go out?
Such a nice day. Let's go
been there many times?
Yes. It's fun
the one at the end
finally passes the others
it's thrilling
it's really exciting
let's go
fine, i'll go
you'll find it fascinating
pachinko is no match
but pachinko is nice
in short...
while in the crowd
you can rise above self
you can easily be alone
you and balls alone
you can forget worldly affairs...
adapt yourself to the balls
pure solitude
that's the charm
a happy sense of solitude
bicycle races are more fun
balls riding on bicycles
watching the audience is fun already
When did you come?
Just now
you called, sir?
I'm going out
aren't you at a marriage meeting?
I slipped out
pretending to go to the toilet
without telling them?
They're looking for you
so what?
You shouldn't do this
i don't like marriage meetings
still, you must go back
they're looking for you
let's go
you must go
You must!
Let's go
i'll take you
The theater
Let's go
Let's go!
Who is setsuko's groom?
I don't know. I never met him
will she be shy?
Not today's kids
what about you?
I was shy
really! I'll be, too
You're here?
Why here?
I came again
you shouldn't have
who cares?
So what? It's starting
great! Which ones did you buy?
Red and black
red's no good
he passed the others!
You go home now
it's still early
how's it going?
Quit and go home
not yet. I'm starting to win
doing all right?
Try no. 4
no.4. it's a winner
setsuko, go home
not yet
don't involve me. I'll go
do so
some girl! I'll really leave
go ahead
uncle, look!
I'm leaving
take her to the station
I must get up early. Good night
setsuko, stop and go home
i will. Good night
you came on your own
don't say i was with you
i know
No. 16 doesn't work!
Hot but good
why did you skip the meeting?
Because i didn't like it
meeting him would have been fun
i doubt it
he might be a very nice guy
forget it
Arranged marriages aren't always bad
who says?
What counts is his personality
i don't love him
love is an accumulation
you'll soon fall for him
you're so simple
what's wrong with being simple?
I think it's like animals
listen, it seems you think too much
all marriage is the same
delicious, huh?
Sure is
the soup's good, too
it should be - cheap but good
lot's of good cheap food around
i know another shop
take me there
your aunt will get cross
so what?
More noodles?
No thanks
one more! Plenty of soup!
Setsuko came?
An hour after your left
i took her to the theater
but she didn't come
i wonder what's on her mind
she shouldn't have done that
she was rude to that young man
isn't that right? Really rude
yes, she was
because her parents spoil her
they should be more strict
you scold her, will you?
All right
do so. I'm serious
she embarrassed me so much today
she's a problem
she sure is!
you? Didn't you go home?
My mother'd get mad
so will your aunt
aunty's all right
but mother is so nosy
did aunty go to bed?
She's still up
don't tell her i came
Aunty, good evening
look what you did
i'm sorry
i won't speak to you
scold her!
Bawl her out!
Вкус зелёного чая после риса Вкус зелёного чая после риса

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