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thank you
about that spa
something urgent?
Have you heard?
A marriage interview for me
what's wrong with that?
But i don't want an interview
what are you saying? Go to it
you approve?
Of course!
What a stupid idea! No thanks!
You can't play forever
how old are you?
I'm 21 now
i won't marry for a while
what a thing to say!
May i ask you something?
Are you happy?
you're lying. I can tell
you and uncle married by arrangement
so what?
You aren't getting along
in many ways
we get along
no, you don't
you lied to him to get to the spa
because i wanted to go. You came, too
why not tell him the truth?
You're still a child
i don't like adults
you thought of that fat carp as uncle
poor uncle!
I won't take you along anymore
if i get married
i'll never speak ill of my husband
i won't marry
such a man. I'll look for my own husband
some girl! But you'll soon understand
i don't want to
i'll never call my husband mr. Thick-head
the president wants you
he wants me?
It's been a long time
you called, sir?
Your father-in-law came. Sit down
i came to see him
seems you're busy
how's business?
Fluctuations will continue
until this autumn
is that so?
A guest, mr. Satake
for me?
Then, will you excuse me?
will you tell taeko to come home?
Excuse me
i'll send satake abroad
one of these days
what's up?
I got the job
really? Congratulations!
Be my guarantor
you busy?
Let's drink
i pay?
No, i will
To celebrate
At a cutlet shop near my place
they serve big but cheap ones
come again at 5
i'll be waiting outside
see you then
calorie house
wasn't the cutlet good?
Sure. I stuffed
other food's good, too
want more?
No thanks
hey, no. 7 doesn't work!
Come to my place
a lot came out
don't do it too strongly
why not come to my place?
Not today
scared of your wife?
it went in
no balls?
Doesn't work?
Hey, no. 18 doesn't work!
Don't break it
it doesn't work
hitting won't help
which hole?
hey, corporal
It's you! Nice to see you
it's been a long time
why not come inside?
Who's he?
We were in the same platoon
please come in
you too. Come in
hey, guests!
Been a long time
yeah. You haven't changed at all
you, either. Glad you're well
thank you, but i got old
my wife
he was my boss
i ran into takahashi at shibuya station
i met fujita in ginza
he in tokyo, too?
He runs an auto repair shop
have some
i'm surprised to see you
so am i
i started this business recently
because you hit it, i met my old corporal
sorry about that
that's all right
i'm really glad
how's business? Looks good
it's so-so. But...
i think it'll slow down before long
not a decent business
but it's enjoyable
do you play pachinko often?
No, today's my first
what about you?
i think i've seen you here
i come sometimes
it's no good
pachinko shouldn't be the rage
i regret it
have some more
i know why it's the rage
it's fun
it shouldn't be regarded as fun
if so, the world won't improve
think so?
It was fun back then... in singapore
yeah. But no more war
i'm fed up
right. I feel the same
i wonder how it is in north bridge
i wonder how it is, too
i liked the palm trees
and the sky was so clear
you could see so many stars
I liked the southern cross
i just loved it
my buddy wanted to
ride out first in a charge
he was brave, but he was killed in action
now i'm entering
holding his ashes in my arms
the streets of singapore in the morning
buddy, look at the peaceful blue ocean
see the twinkling southern cross
off maracca
day after day we charged the enemy
and together we watch those sorties
grandpa, aunt taeko's here
come on! Hurry!
I'm coming
I told him
who's the potential groom?
The son of an embassy secretary
have you met him?
Not yet
he and my husband
went to the same school
we're talking about setsuko
please go with her. Where?
The kabuki

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