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Вкус зелёного чая после риса

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Setsuko came here just now
yes. What a mess!
Then, who'll be sick?
Is someone sick?
How noisy! Go away!
I'm not talking about you
who will it be? Takako?
Good! She'll be perfect
hey, i'm still talking
nice day, isn't it?
I feel wonderful
keep quiet. You have appendicitis
i almost forgot
don't eat
here, setsuko
Sure is
don't drink too much. You're sick
that's enough
my stomach really began to ache
Yes, it hurts
This is how it should be
it's going as we planned
think it hurts more
it hurts!
Didn't your man get wise?
No. But heal most did
i wish he were smarter
but he's all right at a time like this
he's convenient
a little dull-witted?
Yes. Dull
he's a mr. Thick-head
good morning
have some. Don't tell your dad
don't worry
i'm glad you have appendicitis
next time, you'll be the one
hello? Wait a minute
a call from tokyo
hello? Who is it? Fumiya?
Is mr. Satake in?
He is in, that thick-head
hello, it's me
i got here about 5 pm
takako was really sick
she suffered a lot
but she's sleeping now
no operation is necessary
maybe i'll be come home tomorrow
i may be late
good night
let's have more sake
more sake, please
you still on the line?
Good night
hello? I'm through. Bring more sake
you were good
i'm used to it
setsuko, don't tell him
have more sake
let's sing
when violets begin to bloom...
girls' revue?
We'd skip school to see it
what's wrong?
What's the matter?
I feel a little sick
you all right?
What's up?
Shall i make your bed?
Mrs. Satake will be back tomorrow
did your brother get the job?
I heard he did. Thank you
good. Where will he work?
In sendai
can your parents do without him?
Is it all right?
Yes. I have another brother
what does he do?
He teaches school
your parents have no worries
it's good you're all well
thank you
shall i make some tea?
No. You may go to bed
then, good night, sir
pity i missed this baseball game
sure. I like "goodbye homers."
What's wrong?
I have a headache
because you drank too much
she forced her, right?
Don't drink anymore
what a selfish aunt!
Look! So many!
Look! Come and see!
Just come
Doesn't it resemble someone?
That big, slow one
don't say that
it does, huh?
I don't think so
too late to flatter
that one? It sure looks like him
who? Uncle?
Don't be so blunt
good morning, mr. Thick-head
eat, mr. Thick-head
another one did!
Eat! Eat!
Stolen again!
What a dull-witted guy!
Uncle can't eat at all
don't blame me when you get hungry!
Where's your bag? Don't you need it?
Setsuko, go get his bag
fumi, uncle's bag
your tie's askew
go get a haircut
There are no bald carps?
Uncle finally ate!
That long, thin one. It looks like...
my husband
don't catch cold, swimming there
where is he now?
Back in paris from lyons
i wish my man would go far away
far? Where?
Anywhere is fine
if he can't see me
there she goes again. She's obsessed
nice day, isn't it?
Stay another night?
I have to get back by tuesday
to see a baseball game
what about you?
Look! Your husband's there
He didn't day he'd come
he alone?
Evidently. It's odd
he isn't a baseball fan
he has a cigarette
he's looking for a match...
there she is!
I don't know
who is she?
A geisha?
I don't think so
bar hostess?
Maybe she works at his favorite bar
she's pretty
you look pale
They seem close
not angry?
how great!
I'll make him buy me something
maybe a kimono
eventually this will cost him a lot
can't be helped
crime doesn't pay. Poor man!
Your attention, please!
Mrs. Taeko satake!
Mrs. Taeko satake
please go home immediately
i wonder what happened
mrs. Taeko satake!
Mrs. Taeko satake!
Please leave immediately!
What happened?
Miss satake is here
so, you phoned?
No. She did it herself
welcome home
what's up?
they announced it so loud
i was shocked
bring some cold
Вкус зелёного чая после риса Вкус зелёного чая после риса

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