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We need to follow
his every move and gesture.
"Passing on the backstage prohibited"
Haven't you seen the one
in jacket...
... and white hat?
To hell with it all!
Could be worse.
We lost him.
- Here, please.
- Gracias.
Please don't aggrevate.
Everything will be allright.
Understand me!
Understand me!
Oh, stupid.
Original conduction.
We threw away the real one!
Guve me binocular!
Emma, for these tears
I love you even more.
Maestro, you're mad at me.
But it wasn't me.
It was my mum.
I'm so rancorous.
Forgive the elderly lady.
Let's bow... bow.
It was nice to meet you.
Let's go for a dinner.
The races begin again.
Now that's a man!
We need one like this
to the orchestra.
Hold him!
We do, we do!
Hold him.
And so, are you
joining our orchestra?
Do you agree?
Months have passed.
music band
How you play?
It's not me.
I can't exercise
in those conditions!
It unnerves...
Behind a wall.
Hey, you!
Couldn.t you be quiet?
I can't work!
Do your best, I'll go
and make a complaint to commandant.
Well, come on, let's try.
This phrase should be played differently!
No, like this!
He's right.
No, he's not!
No, he is right!
This phrase should be played like this!
No, this!
And so?
Okay, play,
but hands close to yourself!
Comrade commandant.
We are
We need
dead silence.
And devil knows,
what's going on from the morning.
Szum, tararam.
Please embark
something, comrade commandant.
Please pay attention,
to what's happening there.
Devil knows what
comrade commandant.
Please do your best.
O, that's how it sholud be played!
Please pay attention,
comrade commandant,
it's a mess!
To my mind, it's not there.
To my mind, it's nearby.
It's not you,
comrade Patiechin?
Comrade commandant.
We are artists...
Of course it's you!
But what are you, comrade,
We're in silence!
Dead silence.
What was happening here?
We ha.. had..
ha... had rehearsal!
You had a rehearsaland I'll kick you out!
Everything fizzled out.
First time in our life...
...we go into Great Theather...
...and so... very well.
And where are
we going to do rehearsal now?
We have no place for it!
Me must serve notice,
that we won't play.
I know where're going to do rehearsal.
Boys, follow me, we're going.
We're going, boys.
Lena is working.
Eggs worked?
Now you'll be accepted for Great Theater!
What's up with you?
Concert in fifteen minutes.
Twenty roubles
to the Great Theater.
What's with you
are you joking?.
I'm going to the garage.
Go, I wont't do you any harm.
Boys, get in.
Citizens, beware.
The hearse is not made of rubber.
No more will fit in.
We're off.
Did anything happen to you?
Where are you going?
I don't know.
Going with us?
I don't know.
So, we're off.
Boys, take her.
Hey, and who will pay?
Pay for what?
We rode?
We rode!
You decided 30 roubles extra?
No doubt!
You'll sit here, lady.
Unless they pay,
I won't let you.
Let's continue our concert.
And now...
Liszt's music band
from mill operators' guild
What. isn't it working?
Give it to me, I'll try.
- On what?
- With your lips.
But how?
She's shaking.
She will catch cold.
Shroud yourself.
Filemon, Filemon, wake up!
Take out half a liter.
Stay, stay...!
Leave something for the lady.
What you.. I don't drink.
Please drink,
or you'll catch a cold.
I don't want.
Don't talk, drink!
Go on, squarely,
to be happy!
Get together, lady.
You'll go with me.
We're going to them.
I'll wait here.
We're going, as I say!
Where are ours?
Wait here.
Don take offences, comrades,
but I have a witness..
Forgive me comrades,
the ride is made?
We decided 30 roubles?
And no talking!
I need to drive
the deceased back.

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